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Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization, vol. 27

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Description: softcover, 220 pages (24x17 cm), ills., plates
Condition: new
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Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization, vol. 27, Jagiellonian University, Krakow 2023


Piotr Kołodziejczyk Umm Tuweyrat: Preliminary Observations from the Jagiellonian University Research on the Dolmen Field in Southern Jordan
Bellal Abuhelaleh, Adnan Shiyyab, Kevin Lidour, David S. Reese
Exploitation of Marine Shells at Roman Jerash (Jordan)

Sakura Sanada
Emulation in Painted Pottery Styles in Egypt in the Prehistoric Period
Karen Polinger Foster
Opium Art and Truffle Texts in the Aegean and Ancient Near East
Maryam Dara
The Origin of the Discovered Urartian Bulla in Ziwiye
Dorota Gorzelany-Nowak, Jarosław Wilczyński
Animal Mummies in the Collections of the National Museum in Krakow and the Princes Czartoryski Museum
Anna Głowa
A Motif of Parrots in Dionysian Contexts on Selected Examples of Hellenistic and Roman Mosaics
Antonino Crisà
Ancient Tokens from the Archaeological Museum of Syracuse
Jónatan Ortiz-García
The Kilt and the Tunic of Anubis: Religious Iconography at the Service of Chronology in the Egyptian Thebes of the 2nd Century AD
Daryoosh Akbarzadeh, Shiba Khadir
Dating of Three Sasanian Bowls from the National Museum of Iran:An X-Ray Fluorescence and Spectroscopic Analysis