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The Collection of Ancient Coins in Lviv Historical Museum

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ISBN: 978-83-950094-5-7
Description: hardback, 441 pp. (29,5x22,5cm), plates
Condition: new
Weight: 1455g.

The Collection of Ancient Coins in Lviv Historical Museum, ed. by A. Degler, Lviv Historical Museum, Wroclaw, Lviv, Paris 2023

Work on this book, which began in 2017, continued beyond February 24, 2022. The color of the cover and the choice of the coin on it emphasize that cultural heritage unites societies and nations in their pursuit of freedom. Polish-Ukrainian ties, tightened in the spring of 2022, will surely bring many joint scientific initiatives in the future. We hope this book will follow this trend. The assemblage of ancient coins in Lviv Historical Museum is published for the first time in its entirety thanks to the cooperation between Lviv Historical Museum and August Bielowski Scientific Society. Polish and Ukrainian authors described various parts of the collection in accordance with the available information about their provenance. These are the coins of the Greeks, Romans and other ancient peoples, from various Lviv’s public or private collections, single finds and hoards of Roman denarii from Łuczyce, Przędzel, Olejów and Zbuż, as well as a part of the famous hoard from Boroczyce, discovered in 1928 in Volhynia. The collection are the few modern coins similar to the ancient ones and imitations from the workshops of the Barbarians are interesting addition to the collection.

Text in English, Ukrainian, Polish.