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Studia Ceranea, Vol. 6/2016

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Studia Ceranea, Journal of the Waldemar Ceran Research Centre for the History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-East Europe, Vol. 6/2016, Lodz 2016

Andrzej Kompa, Mirosław J. Leszka, Professor Oktawiusz Jurewicz as a Byzantinist (1926–2016)
The Bible in the Byzantine-Slavic World: from Liturgical Books to Printed Scripture
Marcello Garzaniti, Le più recenti ricerche sui vangeli slavi (1999–2016). Qualche riflessione critica
Agata Kawecka, Rafał Zarębski, Linguistic Equivalence of the Hebrew Term Eden in Slavic Translations of the Bible
Justyna Kroczak, The Role of the Bible in the Formation of Philosophical Thought in Kievan Rus’ (as Exemplified by Ilarion of Kiev, Kliment Smolatič, and Kirill of Turov)
Catherine Mary MacRobert, The Place of the Mihanović Psalter in the Fourteenth-Century Revisions of the Church Slavonic Psalter
СВЕТЛИНА НИКОЛОВА, Об одной незнакомой болгарской катене на Псалтырь в списке ХІV века
Jerzy Ostapczuk, Typological Classification of the Cyrillic Manuscripts and Early Printed Books with the Gospel Texts
ИВАН Н. ПЕТРОВ, Издания библейских текстов в южнославянской кирилловской старопечатной традиции XVI века
МАЛГОЖАТА СКОВРОНЕК, Библейские цитаты во втором славянском переводе Исторической палеи (предварительные замечания)
ИВА ТРИФОНОВА, Откровение св. Иоанна Богослова среди православных славян и в южнославянской письменности
Cynthia M. Vakareliyska, Dots and Acute Accent Shapes in the Dobrejšo Gospel
ВЕСЕЛКА ЖЕЛЯЗКОВА, Паримейные чтения в четьих списках Книги Исход

Sławomir Bralewski, La connaissance de la loi ecclésiastique chez Socrate de Constantinople en confrontation avec l‘oeuvre de Hermias Sozomène
Andrzej Gillmeister, Augustus Polonus. The Image of the Emperor in Polish Historiography in Inter-War Period. Preliminary Remarks
Martin Hurbanič, Adversus Iudaeos in the Sermon Written by Theodore Syncellus on the Avar Siege of AD 626
Agata A. Kluczek, Faces of Aeneas. Representations on Roman Coins and Medallions
Maciej Kokoszko, Jolanta Dybała, Medical Science of Milk Included in Celsus’ Treatise De medicina
Maciej Kokoszko, Krzysztof Jagusiak, Jolanta Dybała, Bread as Food and Medicament in Oribasius’ Writings
Margarita Kuyumdzhieva, Imaging Evil in the First Chapters of Genesis: Texts behind the Images in Eastern Orthodox Art
Matko Matija Marušić, Verses of Faith and Devotion. Seeing, Reading, and Touching Monumental Crucifixes with Inscriptions (12th–13th century)

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