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Late Prehistory of the Central Sudan, Studies in African Archaeology, vol. 3

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ISBN: 83-900434-0-8
Description: 256 pages (17x24 cm), drawings, plans, photographs
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L. Krzyzaniak, Schylek pradziejow w srodkowym Sudanie (Late Prehistory of the Central Sudan), Studies in African Archaeology, vol. 3, Poznan Archaeological Museum 1992

In Polish, with English summary


Two major cultural systems had developed in the prehistory of the Central Sudan. In 8,000 - 4,900 B. C. a successful aquaticfood-gathering was introduced, most probably from the areas situated to the south. In 4,900 - 3,000 B.C. this system was replaced, apparently rapidly in the riverain reaches of the Central Sudan, by the pastoral system depending also on the exploitation of genetically wild sorghum and on the traditional forms of the food-gathering. This pastoral technology and domestic animal's were of the northern origin. Small, rich and probably hereditary social elites quickly developed in these pastoral groups which may have been organized into chiefdoms....