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Anthropogenic Pressure in the Neolithic and Bronze Age in the Central-European Lowlands

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ISBN: 978-83-63400-02-6
Description: hardback, 181 pp. (21,5x30,5cm) drawings, plans, photographs
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Iwona Hildebrandt-Radke, Janusz Czebreszuk, Walter Dörfler, Johannes Müller (eds.), Anthropogenic Pressure in the Neolithic and Bronze Age in the Central-European Lowlands, Studien zur Archäologie in Ostmitteleuropa, Band 8, Bonn 2011


The presented eighth volume of the Studies about the Central European Prehistory is also a continuation and an extension of our initial plans concerning the series. With this volume "Anthropogenic Pressure in the Neolithic and Bronze Age in the Central European Lowlands" we continue the presentation of the information from the Prehistory of the Central Europe. The cited examples come from different regions and show the richness of the cultural changes in this part of our continent during Neolithic Age and the Bronze Age. On the other hand, this volume opens our series for the new issue of the human-environment relation. It can be said that the issue of human-environment relation is the main topic of this monograph. It does not mean that this issue has not appeared in the SPES so far. On the contrary — it was discussed/debated in a broad context before, especially in both Bruszczewo volumes (SAO/SPES 2 and 6).Individual chapters of this volume are written by authors from Germany and Poland, not only archaeologists, but mainly naturalists. What is the most important for us is the fact that most chapters are written by scientific work groups consisting of archaeologists and scientists of other natural domains.
The presented volume is an exemplification of our policy to be accessible to single authors as well as scientific workgroups. We want our series to be open for any type of scientific works, expanding the knowledge about the prehistory of Central Europe and showing this part of our continent in a wider context of the whole Old World. So we renew our invitation to cooperation for every author and every team, involved in the prehistory of the Central Europe.