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Bronze Age Fortified Settlements in Central Europe

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ISBN: 978-83-64864-29-2
Description: hardback, 175 pp. (21,5x30,5cm) drawings, plans, photographs
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Mateusz Jaeger, Bronze Age Fortified Settlements in Central Europe, Studien zur Archäologie in Ostmitteleuropa, Band 17, Poznan-Bonn 2016

Preface from series' editors
1.   History of Research
CHAPTER 2.   Source Criticism
CHAPTER 3.   Research Area I. Alpine Area: inner-Alpine Bronze Age groups
3.1.   Natural environment and economy
3.2.  Inner layout
3.3.  Fortifications
3.4.  Metallurgy
3.5.  Chronology
3.6.  Summary:
role and function of fortified settlements in the Alpine area
CHAPTER 4.   Research Area II. South-western Wielkopolska, Bruszczewo:
Koscian Group of Unetice culture
4.1.   Natural environment and economy
4.2. Inner layout
4.3.  Fortifications
4.4.  Metallurgy
4.5.  Chronology
4.6. Summary:
role and function of the Bruszczewo settlement in the Koscian group of the Unetice culture
5.   Research Area HI. Middle Danube Basin: Vatya culture
5.1.   Natural environment and economy
5.2.  Inner layout
5.3.  Fortifications
5.4.  Metallurgy
5.5.  Chronology
5.6.  Summary:
role and function of Vatya culture fortified settlements
6.   Research Area IV. Upper Tisza Basin, eastern Slovakia:
Otomani-Fiizesabony culture
6.1.   Natural environment and economy
6.2.  Inner layout
6.3. Fortifications
6.4.  Metallurgy
6.5.  Chronology
6.6. Summary:
role and function of Otomani-Fiizesabony fortified settlements
CHAPTER 7.    Comparative analysis of research areas