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The Baden Complex and the Outside World

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ISBN: 978-3-7749-3599-0
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The Baden Complex and the Outside World, Proceedings of the 12th Annual Meeting of the EAA in Cracow, 19-24th September 2006, (Eds.) M. Furholt, M. Szmyt, A. Zastawny, E. Schalk, Studien zur Archäologie in Ostmitteleuropa, Band 4, Bonn 2008

The Baden Complex (3600–2900 calBC) denotes a set of traits in the material culture that has evoked a great deal of interest in the research of Late Neolithic/Eneolithic/Chalcolithic period. It is highly relevant to our understanding of this period in Eastern Central Europe, representing a time when major changes occurred in the archaeological record, marking an important step on the way from a Neolithic to an Early Bronze Age Society.

What lies behind these cultural phenomena, how do we conceptualise the “Baden Complex” and how does it interact with other archaeological complexes? These questions are addressed by the papers included in this volume.

In the last years exciting new discoveries have been made and also research on dierent aspects of the Baden Complex has taken place, much of which was presented at the Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) in Cracow 2006. All papers discussed there have been included in this book. It unites a wide range of research activities from a highly international community into one volume.

Preface of the series' editors
The Baden Complex: General Views
Martin Furholt
Culture History Beyond Cultures: The Case of the Baden Complex
Maximilian O. Baldia, Douglas S. Frink and Matthew T. Boulanger
Problems in the Archaeological Legacy: The TRB/Lengyel-Baden Conundrum
Claudia Sachße
Baden Cultural Identities? Late Copper Age Funerals Reviewed
The Baden Complex: Regional Views
Tünde Horváth
Balatonõszöd - an Unusual Baden Settlement?
Róbert Patay, Katalin Herbich, Pál Sümegi
Late Copper Age Settlement of Ecser (County Pest, Hungary):
Archaeological and Environmental Archaeological Investigations
Kitti Köhler
The Physical Anthropological Characterization of the Population
Connected to the Baden Culture in Hungary
Eva Horváthová
About the Development of the Baden Culture in the Region
of the Northern Tisza River in Slovakia
Jana Šuteková
The Jevišovice Culture in Slovakia
Paweł Valde-Nowak
An Isolated Grave of the Baden Culture in the Beskidy Mountains
Andrzej Pelisiak
The Jurassic Flint Type G in Central Europe in the Late Neolithic (3100 – 2300 BC)

The Baden Complex and the Outside World

Lolita Nikolova
Balkan-Anatolian Cultural Horizons from the Fourth Millennium BC
and Their Relations to the Baden Cultural Complex
Christian Mayer
Mappings of the Late Neolithic Cultures in the Austrian Danube Region
Albert Zastawny
The Baden and the Funnel Beaker-Baden Settlement in Lesser Poland
Agnieszka Przybył
Badenization of the Late Neolithic Funnel Beaker Culture Societies
between Oder and Vistula Basins in the Light of 14C-Datings
Małgorzata Rybicka
Settlement, Chronology and Economy of the
Funnel Beaker-Baden Society in Kujavia and the Gostynin Lake District
Marzena Szmyt
Baden Patterns in the Milieu of the Globular Amphorae:
Transformation, Incorporation and Long Continuity
A Case study from the Kujavian Region, Polish Lowland
Hanna Kowalewska-Marszałek
The Most Distant Outskirts. The Baden Elements in the Złota Culture (Little Poland)
Piotr Włodarczak
Corded Ware and Baden Cultures.
Outline of Chronological and Genetic Relations Based on Finds from Western Little Poland
Maximilian O. Baldia, Douglas S. Frink and Matthew T. Boulanger
The Earthen Long-Barrow of Džbán, Moravia, Czech Republic and its Implications
for the Interaction between the Nordic Funnel Beaker and the Southern Baden Culture
Mikhailo Videiko
Baden Culture Influences to the East of the Carpathian Mountains