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Ad Fines Imperii Romani

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ISBN: 978-83-61376-46-0
Description: hardback, 475 pp. (29,5x21cm), figs.
Condition: new
Weight: 1920g.

Ad Fines Imperii Romani, Studia Thaddaeo Sarnowski septuagenario ab amicis, collegis discipulisque dedicata, ed. by Agnieszka Tomas, Institute of Archaeology, Warsaw University, Warsaw 2015

Tadeusz Sarnowski. Curriculum vitae
Jerzy Kolendo †, Tadeusz Sarnowski. Quattuordecim lustra optime peracta
Agnieszka Tomas, Tadeusz Sarnowski in universitatem studiorum et studentium
Roman army
Yann Le Bohec, La logistique de l’armée romaine sous le Principat
Michel Reddé, The Layout of a Military Shrine in Egypt’s Eastern Desert
Tomasz Derda, Adam Łajtar, Tomasz Płóciennik, Three Lists of Soldiers on Papyrus Found
in Qasr Ibrim
Edward Dąbrowa, The Roman Army in Action in Judea (4 BCE – 66 CE)
Middle and Lower Danubian Provinces
Zsolt Visy, Ripa Pannonica – eine römische Flussgrenze
Ioan Piso, Les listes de centurions de Potaissa et la participation des légions daciques à la guerre
parthique de Caracalla
Doina Benea, Militärische und politische Massnahmen während der Herrschaft des Kaisers Hadrian
im Südwesten der Provinz Dakien
Calin Timoc, A Fragmentary Inscription Bearing the Name Gordiana Discovered in Tibiscum (Dacia
Livio Zerbini, Les cités grecques du Pont Gauche sous Auguste
Emil Jęczmienowski, The Fortifications of the Upper Moesian Limes on the Eve of the Trajan’s
Dacian Wars
Mateusz Żmudziński, The Production of terra sigillata Pottery (Local Samian Ware) in the
Middle-Danube Roman Provinces
Lucretiu Mihailescu-Bîrliba, Prosopographic Remarks on the Population of Troesmis (Lower
Rumen Ivanov, Valeri Stoičkov, Bricks with Stamps Discovered in the Defensive Walls of Almus
(Lower Moesia)
Michail Zahariade, The Scythian Section of Notitia Dignitatum. A Structural and Chronological
Martin Lemke, Marsigli’s Moesia: The Limes Sites in Bulgaria as Seen in the 18th Century
Evgeni Paunov, The Portrait Glass phalera from Novae Reconsidered
Piotr Zakrzewski, Architectural Order of the Portico in the Courtyard of the Legionary
Headquarters at Novae (Lower Moesia), in Light of Recent Discoveries
Pavlina Vladkova, New Data on the Cult of Iuppiter in Novae (Lower Moesia)
Tomasz Dziurdzik, Sacerdos legionis? Roman Army Priests in Light of a Fragmentary Inscription
from Novae (ILNov 32 = IGLNov 51)
Agnieszka Tomas, Martin Lemke, The Mithraeum at Novae Revisited
Jerzy Żelazowski, New Examples of the Name Stamp (Sarnowski Type XXV) from the Legionary
Fortress at Novae (Lower Moesia)
Agnieszka Tomas, Liber Pater or Dionysus? The Evidence of the Bacchic Cult at Novae (castra
et canabae legionis) and in its Hinterland
Adam Łajtar, Another Greek Inscription from Novae (Lower Moesia) Associated with pastus
Jerzy Kolendo †, Tomasz Kowal, Iron Components of Agricultural Tools Discovered During
Excavations at Novae: Are They Always Ancient or Early Medieval in Date? TAURICA
Bartosz Kontny, Maria Novičenkova, Spurs from the Sanctuary at the Gurzufskoe Sedlo
in Crimea. On the Problem of Hook Spurs
325 Radosław Gawroński, Radosław Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski, The Role of Early Empire
Roman Cavalry in the Defence of Tauric Chersonesos
Ludmiła Kovalevskaja, The Farmhouse at Plot 363 in the Chora of Tauric Chersonesos
Michał Pisz, Non-destructive Archaeological Survey in the Rural Territory of Tauric Chersonesos
Elena Klenina, Ceramic Production of Tauric Chersonesos in the Roman Period
Viktoria Nessel, On Some Categories of Ceramic Tableware from the Kadikovka-Kadikoi
Settlement (Crimea)
Wojciech Nowakowski, Brooches from Balaklava-Kadykovka on Crimea (Ukraine). Season 2010
Danił A. Kostromičev, A Brooch from Tauric Chersonesos with a Dedication to Sabazius
Radosław Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski, Adam Łukaszewicz, Language in the Private Life
of Roman Soldiers in Taurica
Andrzej Biernacki, Valeri Yotov, Aleksander Minčev, The Origin of the Marble of the
Architectural Elements and Details from the Early-Christian Church at Cape Sveti Atanas near Bjala
Elżbieta Jastrzębowska, Remarks on Pseudo-opus reticulatum in Warsaw
Marek Olszewski, Les Cadrans solaires dans les mosaïqes romaines et byzantines (Ier siècle ap. J.-C.
– IXe siècle ap. J.-C)
Krzysztof Jakubiak, The Last Days of Hatra: The Story Behind the City’s Downfall

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