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Aegyptus est imago caeli, Studies Presented to Krzysztof M. Cialowicz on His 60th Birthday

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ISBN: 978-83-941010-0-8
Description: hardback, 341 pages (30,5x21,5 cm), figs
Condition: new
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Aegyptus est imago caeli, Studies Presented to Krzysztof M. Cialowicz on His 60th Birthday, ed. by Mariusz A. Jucha, Joanna Debowska-Ludwin and Piotr Kolodziejczyk, Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Archaeologica Foundation, Krakow 2014

Bibliography of Krzysztof M. Cialowicz
Mariusz A. Jucha
The Nile Delta Since The End of The Lower Egyptian Culture until The Beginning of Egyptian State
Beatrix Midant-Reynes, Nathalie Buchez, Gaelic Breand, Francois Briois, Julien Cavero, Anne-Sophie Coupey, Morgan De Dapper, Nathalie Delhopital, Aline Emery-Barbier, Rachid el-Ha-jaoui, Samuel Guerin, Frederic Guyot, Christiane Hochstrasser-Petit, Josephine Lesur, Mathilde Minotti, Ilona Regulski,
Jerome Robitaille, Loic Torchy, Yann Tristant
Tell el-Iswid 2006-2010. The Archaeology of The Eastern Nile Delta in The 4th Millennium BC
Natalia Malecka-Drozd
The Settlement Landscape in The Nile Delta of The 3rd Millenmm BC
Bartosz Adamski, Piotr Kolodziejczyk
Grain Storing and Bread Making during Formative Period and in The Old Kingdom Times: Case of Tell el-Farkha
Agnieszka Maczynska
Some Remarks on The Chronology of The Oldest Graves from Minshat Abu Omar
Joanna Debowska-Ludwin, Karolina Rosinska-Balik
Provincial Subsidiary Burials in Northern Egypt. Two Cases of Tell el-Farkha Cemeteries in a Three-Dimensional View
Renata Ablamowicz
Deposit of Animal Remains from Grave 86 in Tell el-Farkha
Karol Mysliwiec
The Dead in The Marshes - Reed Coffins Revisited
Renee Friedman
The Masks ofHierakonpolis Cemetery HK6
Stan Hendrickx, Marleen De Meyer, Merel Eyckerman
On The Origin of The Royal False Beard and its Bovine Symbolism
Michal Kurzyk
Predynastic Ivory Artefacts in The Museum Collections in Victoria (Australia)
Ulrich Hartung
An Unusual Bone Comb From Cemetery UatAbydos, Umm el-Qaab
Edwin C.M. van den Brink
Another Protodynastic Storage Jar from The Area of Sheikh Zuweid, Northern Sinai
Magdalena Kazimierczak
Meidum Bowk from Tell el-Murra, Trench T5 (season 2013)
Ewdoksia Papuci-Wladyka
Palestinian Dipper-Juglet from Aphek-Antipatris in Thejagiellonian University Collection and its Egyptian Connections
Magdalena Sobas
The Pottery Path Today and in The Past. A Walk Through The al-Nazla Workshop and Tell el-Farkha Settlement Site
Grzegorz Bak-Pryc
Some Miniature Stone Vessels from Deposits of Western Kom at Tell el-Farkha
Marek Chlodnicki
Graves with Mace-Heads from Kadero (Sudan)
Marcin Czarnowicz
Egyptian Mace-Heads from The Southern Levant
Malgorzata Winiarska-Kabacinska, Jacek Kabacinski
Between Typology and Function. Remarks on The Utilization of Flint Tools from The Predynastic and Early Dynastic Site of Tell el-Farkha
Michal Kobusiewicz
Sickle Blades of The Old Kingdom in Egypt
Heiko Riemer, Karin Kindermann
What's That Tool for? An Unusual Flint Knife from The Egyptian Western Desert
Eliot Braun
Observations on Contacts between The Nile Valley and The Southern Levant in Late Prehistory Prior to Dynasty 0
Marcin Czarnowicz, Martin Pasternak, Agnieszka Ochal-Czarnowicz, Jakub Sklucki
The Egyptian Presence at Tel Irani
Piotr Kolodziejczyk
The Bronze Age in Southern Jordan - Remarks on The Need for Research
Andrzej Niwinski
Did The Pat-People and The Rekhyt-People Have Different Burial Ceremonies?
Monika Dolinska
Small Head, Little Mystery
Grazyna Bakowska-Czerner
Harpocrates with The Horn of Plenty. Depictions of The God from Marina El-Alamein
Ewa Laskowska-Kusztal
Ergamenes II in The Ptolemaic Temple ofKalabsha
Jaroslaw Bodzek
Naval Supremacy Propaganda on The Coins of Ptolemy I
Mariusz Mielczarek
New Coin Finds and The Problem of The Inflow of Ptolemaic Coins into Central Europe
Anna Longa
Archaeology of The Fourth Nile Cataract: The Cemetery at El Ar
Katarzyna Juszczyk-Futkowska
Pattern and Diversity in Early Makuria Burial Shafts
Tomasz Maria Herbich
How Deep Can we See? Practical Observations on The Vertical Range ofFluxgate Cradiometers when
Surveying Brick Structures in The Nile Valley
Janusz A. Ostrowski
Polski szlachcic swiadkiem prac przy ustowianiu egipskiego obelisku na watykanskim placu sw. Piotra
Agnieszka Fulinska
Some Remarks Concerning Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign Medals
Joachim Sliwa
Emperor Napoleon and a Pyramid in Greater Poland