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Aegyptus et Pannonia III, Acta Symposii anno 2004

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ISBN: 963-06-1469-3
Description: softcover, 320 pages (24x17), 90 plates
Condition: very good
Weight: 920g.




Aegyptus et Pannonia III, Acta Symposii anno 2004, ed. by Hedvig Gyory, Budapest 2006

Edith Varga: Laszlo Kakosy
Ladislav Bares: Some Notes on the Religious Texts and Scenes in the Tomb of lufaa and Other Late Period Shaft Tombs at Abusir
Friederike Bubenheimer-Erhart: Aspects of Egyptian Religion in Archaic Etruria (7th-6th Centuries B. C.)
Filip Coppens: The Open Court in the Temple of Philae. A Complex of Wabetand Court in the Making
John Gee: Non-Round Hypocephali
Andras Gulyas: Amun-Re on the Luxor Stelae of Tiberius - The History of an Idea
Hedvig Gyory: Zur Geschichte der Harpocrates-Terrakotten mit Fullhorn aus der Kaiserzeit
Claus Jurman: The Osiris Chapels of the Third Intermediate Period and the Late Period at Karnak. Some Aspects of Their Religious and Historical Significance
Ursula Kaplony-Heckel: Zur Tempel-Verwaltung der spatptolemaischen Militar-Kolonie Pathyris-Krokodilopolis
Leonard Lesko: On Some Aspects of the Books of the Dead from the Ptolemaic Period
Alicia Meza: Egyptian Religion and Magic in the Mediterranean Word: Isis, the Goddess of Many Faces
Tamas Mezos - Eszter Botos: Architectural Periods and Theoretic Reconstruction of the Isis Themenos at Szombathely
Joachim Friedrich Quack: The So-called Pantheos. On Polymorphic Deities in Late Egyptian Religion
Jose das Candeias Sales: Le roi ptolemaTque et les divinites egyptiennes selon la titulature royale
Abdel Monem A.H.Sayed : On the None-existence of the Nile -Red Sea Canal all over the Pharaonic Times, and its Existence from the Persian Period Onwards
Gabor Schreiber: Ptolemaic Cartonnages from Thebes
Joachim Sliwa: Andreas Gryphius und Giovanni Nardi
Kveta Smolarikova: Some remarks on Embalmers' Caches from the Saite-Persian cemetery at Abusir
Danijela Stefanovic: The Iconography of Hermanubis
Mladen Tomorad: Shabtis from the Roman Provinces Dalmatia and Pannonia and their Role in Egyptian Cults during Roman Empire. Shabtis in Croatian Museums and Private Collections
Richard Veymiers - Laurent Bricault: Figurines en argent du limes Danubien a l'effigie d'Isis et d'Harpocrate