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Anabasis 2/2011, Studia Classica et Orientalia

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Description: softcover, 327 pages (23,5x16,5), ills.
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Anabasis 2/2011, Studia Classica et Orientalia, Ed. by Marek Jan Olbrycht, Rzeszow 2011




Malcolm Davies, Sabine Müller – Deioces the Mede – Rhetoric and Reality in Herodotus 1.99

Ryszard Kulesza – Marathon and Thermopylae in the mémoire collective
Sabine Müller – Onesikritos und das Achaimenidenreich
Marek Jan Olbrycht – First Iranian military units in the army of Alexander the Great
Franca Landucci Gattinoni – Diodorus 18. 39.1–7 and Antipatros’s Settlement at Triparadeisos
Jeffrey D. Lerner – A Reappraisal of the Economic Inscriptions and Coin Finds from Aï Khanoum
Eduard V. Rtveladze – Parthians in the Oxus Valley. Struggle for the Great Indian Road
Michał Marciak – Seleucid-Parthian Adiabene in the Light of Ancient Geographical and Ethnographical Texts
Leonardo Gregoratti – A Parthian port on the Persian Gulf: Characene and its trade
Martin Schottky – Sanatruk von Armenien
Tomasz Polański – A Collection of Orientalist Paintings in the Imperial Private Gallery in Naples
Massimiliano Vitiello – The “Light, Lamps, and Eyes” of the Persian Empire and the Gothic Kingdom in Justinian’s Time: A Note on Peter the Patrician and Cassiodorus


Martin Schottky – Nicholas Sekunda (ed.), ERGASTERIA: Works Presented to John Ellis Jones on his 80th Birthday, Gdańsk 2010
Michał Marciak – Ursula Hackl, Bruno Jacobs, Dieter Weber (Hrsg.), Quellen zur Geschichte des Partherreiches. Textsammlung mit Übersetzungen und Kommentaren, Göttingen 2010
Michał Marciak – Steve Mason, Josephus, Judea, and Christian Origins: Methods and Categories, Peabody, MA 2009
Sławomir Jędraszek – Sabine Müller, Das hellenistische Königspaar in der medialen Repräsentation: Ptolemaios II. und Arsinoe II, Berlin/New York 2009

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