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Anabasis 3/2012, Studia Classica et Orientalia, Studies in Memory of V. M. Masson

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Anabasis 3/2012, Studia Classica et Orientalia, Studies in Memory of V. M. Masson, ed. by M. J. Olbrycht and J. D. Lerner, Rzeszow 2012

Vadim A. Alёkshin (Russia)
Vadim Mikhailovich Masson and his Contribution to the Development of Archaeology of Central Asia
Han Jianye (China)
“The Painted Pottery Road” and Early Sino-Western Cultural Exchanges
Muhammad Dandamayev (Russia)
Central Asian Soldiers in Achaemenid Babylonia
Alexander A. Sinitsyn (Russia)
ΣKYΘIΣTI  XEIPOMAKTPON: Sophocles' Record of the Extravagant Scythian Custom
Sabine Müller (Germany)
Ptolemaios und die Erinnerung an Hephaistion
Nicholas Victor Sekunda (Poland)
The Ptolemaic Guard Сavalry Regiment
Viktor N. Pilipko (Russia)
Remarks on the Material Culture of the Akhal Area in the Hellenistic Period
Jangar Ya. Ilyasov (Uzbekistan)
The Vulture on the Bone Plaque from the Orlat Cemetery
Frank L. Holt (USA)
When Did the Greeks Abandon Ai Khanoum?
Michał Marciak (Poland)
The Historical Geography of Gordyene
M.J. Olbrycht (Poland)
The Political-Military Strategy of Artabanos/Ardawān II in AD 34–37
Martin Schottky (Germany)
Vorarbeiten zu einer Königsliste Kaukasisch-Iberiens. 1. Anfänge der Pharnabaziden
Valentina Mordvintseva (Ukraine)
The Dating of Nogaichik Barrow and the Cultural Identity of the Elite Burials of the North Pontic Region
Natalía Polosmak (Russia)
Embroideries on Garments from Kurgan 20 of the Noin-Ula Burial Ground
Oleksandr Symonenko (Ukraine)
On the Problem of the “Huns-Sarmatians"
Yuri A. Vinogradov (Russia)
Excavations at Wadi Hajrya on the Soqotra Island (Yemen)
Alireza Qaderi, Farhang Khademi Nadooshan, Mehdi Mousavi Kouhpar (Iran)
Hormoz: A Site Belonging to the Parthian to Islamic Periods in Khāsh County
M. Schottky
Ursula Hackl, Bruno Jacobs, Dieter Weber (Hrsg.), Quellen zur Geschichte des Partherreiches. Textsammlung mit Übersetzungen und Kommentaren  (Novum Testamentum et Orbis Antiquus / Studien zur Umwelt des Neuen Testaments – 83–85), Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2010
M. Marciak
Benjamin Isaac, Yuval Shahar (Eds.), Judaea-Palaestina, Babylon and Rome: Jews in Antiquity (Texts and Studies in Ancient Judaism 147), Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2012
R.S. Wójcikowski
Neilson C. Debevoise, Politicheskaia Istoria Parfii [A Political History of Parthia],
Translation, editorship and a bibliographical supplement by V.P. Nikonorov, Sankt-Petersburg: St. Petersburg State University. Faculty of Philology and Arts (Historical Library), 2008
M.J. Olbrycht
Iu. A. Vinogradov, V.A. Goroncharovskii, Military History and Warfare of the Cimmerian Bosporus (the 6th Century BC – the mid–3rd Century AD), St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg State University. Faculty of Philology and Arts. Nestor-History, 2009 (Russian Academy of Sciences. Institute of the History of Material Culture, Proceedings, Vol. XXV; Series Historia Militaris)
S. Jędraszek
Barry Kemp, The City of Akhenaten and Nefertiti: Amarna and its People, London: Thames & Hudson Ltd., 2012
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