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Anatolian Sepulchral Stelae in Roman Times

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ISBN: 83-232-0305-9
Description: softcover, (24x16,5cm), 116 pp., 80 figs
Condition: very good
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Tomasz Wujewski, Anatolian Sepulchral Stelae in Roman Times, Adam Mickiewicz University Press, Poznan 1991



The work is an analysis of symbolic meanings of sepulchral iconographic motifs used in Asia Minor in Roman limes. It describes the development of methods of expressing symbolic meanings in sepulchral art and the cultural processes that conditioned them.

Chapter    I. Interpretation of symbols
Chapter   II. The development of the artistic language of sepulchral imagery Chapter III. The cultural determinants of the artistic language
Chapter IV. The problem of Christian monuments
List of Plates
Polish Summary