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Ancient Egypt, Treasures from the Collection of the Oriental Institute University of Chicago

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ISBN: 1-88592-325-2
Description: softcover, 146 pp. (29x23cm)
Condition: very good
Weight: 805g.

Emily Teeter, Ancient Egypt, Treasures from the Collection of the Oriental Institute University of Chicago, Chicago 2003

This fully-illustrated catalogue offers highlights of the Egyptian collection at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. A brief history of the collection is followed by a catalogue of seventy-seven objects, which date from the early third millennium BC to the eighth century AD. Many of these objects have not been previously published. The artefacts include statues, stelae, tools, games, clothing, coffins, figured ostraca, and papyri; each item is described, and its function and symbolism are discussed. Brief texts are translated. Appendices give museum registration numbers, provenance, and bibliographies.

    A History of the Egyptian Collection
    Early Dynastic Period and Old Kingdom (ca. 3100-2219 B.C.)     
1     Votive Plaque
2     Mehen Game Board
3     Panel from the Tomb of Nefermaat and Itet
4     False Door of Ny-su-redi
5     The Confectioner, Tchenenet
6     Singers and Dancers
7     "Servant" Statues from the Tomb of Ny-kau-inpu
8     Nen-khefet-ka and His Wife Nefer-shemes
9     Lintel of Kha-bau-ptah
10     A Warning to Tomb Robbers
11     The Royal Herald, Neni
    First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom (ca. 2219-1550 B.C.)     
12     Uha and His Wife Henut-sen
13     Model Workshop
14     A Letter to the Dead
15     Stela of the Household of Senbu
    New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period (ca. 1550-664 B.C.)     
16     Nakht and Seth-Antwety
17     Funerary Figure of Kenamun     
18     Child's Tunic     
19     Statue of a God     
20     Game of Twenty Squares     
21     Detail of a Funerary Procession     
22     Running Ibexes     
23     Colossal Statue of Tutankhamun     
24     Amun     
25     Seti I and Ramesses II     
26     Two Scenes of Nature     
27     The Bad Boy     
28     Stela Dedicated to the God Reshep     
29     Decorative Tiles     
30     Floral Column     
31     Grooming Implements     
32     Study for a Royal Tomb Painting     
33     Head of a King     
34     Canopic Jars     
35     A Priest of Hathor     
36     Stela of the Hearing Ear     
37     Offering to the God     
38     Cartonnage Case and Mummy of Meresamun     
39     Brick Stamp     
40     Amunirdis I and Diese-heb-sed     
41     Reliefs from the Tomb of Montuemhet     
    The Late Period (664-332 B.C.)     
42     Statue of Amun
43     Stela of Harsiese     
44     Donation Stela     
45     Composite Deity     
46     Demotic "Marriage" Papyrus     
47     Head from a Cat Coffin     
48     Oracular Statue in the Form of a Falcon     
49     Thoth Emblem     
50     Ritual Vessel (Situla)     
51     Book of the Dead     
    Ptolemaic, Roman, and Byzantine Periods (4th century B.C.-8th century A.D.)     
52     Statue Base of Djed-hor     
53     Horus on the Crocodiles     
54     Cult Statue of Queen Arsinoe II     
55     Water Clock (Clepsydra)     
56     Relief Fragment     
57     Shoe     
58     Mummy Mask     
59     Funerary Stela of Pa-sher-o-pehty     
60     Mummy Portrait     113
61     Mask from a Funerary Shroud     
62     Lamp in Form of a Bird
    Bibliography of Works Consulted     
App. 1     Objects by Oriental Institute Museum Registration Number     
App. 2     Provenance of Catalogue Objects     
App. 3     Prior Publication of Catalogue Objects     
App. 4     Chronology of Ancient Egypt     
App. 5     Maps     
    General Index     
    Ancient Egyptian Personal Names     
    Royal Names