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Anthropology & Egyptology, A Developing Dialogue

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ISBN: 1-85075-676-7
Description: hardback, dustjacket, 147 pp. (30x21,5cm), figs.
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Judith Lustig (ed.), Anthropology & Egyptology, A Developing Dialogue, Monographs in Mediterranean Archaeology 8, Sheffield Academic Press 1997



List of Contributors
List of Figures
Ancient Egypt: Egyptological and Anthropological Perspectives
Anthropology and Egyptology: Divorce and Remarriage?
Ancient Egyptian Mortuary Practice and the Study of Socioeconomic Differentiation
Kinship, Gender and Age in Middle Kingdom Tomb Scenes and Texts
State and Empire in the Middle and New Kingdoms
A Textual Window on the Settlement System in Ancient Egypt
Contributions of Biological Anthropology to the Understanding of Ancient Egyptian and Nubian Societies
Anthropology, Egyptology, and the Concept of Cultural Change
Ancient Egypt in Cross-cultural Perspective
Index of Authors