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Archaeology of Post-medieval Pottery in Poland and Beyond, Tradition and Innovation

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Archaeologia Polona vol. 59:2021, Special Theme: Archaeology of Post-medieval Pottery in Poland and Beyond, Tradition and Innovation, Warsaw 2021

This year’s volume of Archaeologia Polona features contributions focused on early-modern ceramics, the majority of which were found across present-day Poland and Czechia. Most of the papers concentrate on synchronic and antithetical processes occurring in pottery-making between the 16th and 18th centuries.

Continuation or Evolution? Changes in Pottery Production and Vessel Types Used in Pomerelian
(Gdańsk Pomerania) Towns in the Early-Modern Period
Michał Starski
Post-medieval Pottery in Mazovia and Podlachia (16th–18th Century) – a Preliminary Report
Maciej Trzeciecki
Slipware from Tykocin Castle (Poland) from the 16th–18th Century
Magdalena Bis
Modern Ceramic Chafing Dishes in Northern Poland
Joanna Dąbal
Stoneware Jars from the 18th
Century from the Saxon Palace in Warsaw
Ewelina Więcek-Bonowska
Historical and SEM-EDS Analysis of a 14th–16th Century Triangular Crucible from Sandomierz,
Piotr Werens, Ireneusz Piwoński, and Aneta Kisielewska
Current State of Knowledge of the Development of Early Modern Ceramics in the Czech Republic
Gabriela Blažková
A Unique 14th Century Seal-Matrix from Giebło, Zawiercie District
Leszek Krudysz
John Morton Coles (1930–2020) . From Palaeolithic Studies to Wetland Archaeology. A Commemoration
Danuta Piotrowska and Wojciech Piotrowski