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Archeologia LVII, 2006

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Description: softcover, 198pp. (29,5x20,5cm), drawings, photos, 350 copies printed
Condition: very good
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Archeologia LVII, 2006, Warsaw 2007

B.Lis The Role of Cooking Pottery and Cooked Food in the Palace of Nestor at Pylos
D.Gorzelany Zwei Gottheiten kurotrophoi auf einer Schale des Amasis-Malers in Krakau
M. Matera Pottery Stamps from Tanais, 2005
J.Kolendo Les inscriptions de Volubilis et les relations diplomatiques entre les Romains et la tribu des Baquates. Textes et monuments
M.Dekowna Physico-chemical Analyses of Glassmaking Waste from Intercisa (Hungary)
Polish Excavations at Tell el-Farkha (Ghazala) in the Nile Delta. Preliminary Report 2004-2005 by M.Chłodnicki and K. M. Cialowicz with contributions by R. Ablamowicz, K. Cichowski, J. Debowska-Ludwin, M.A.Jucha, J. Kabacinski, M.Kaczmarek, M.Pawlikowski, G.Pryc, A.Rewekant, M.Skrzypczak, P.Szejnoga, M.Wasilewski
Western Sector (section IV), 2002-2006. Preliminary Report on the Excavations of the Center for Research on the Antiquity of Southeastern europe, Warsaw University by P.Dyczek
P.Taracha Mycenaeans in Anatolia and Ahhiyawa of Hittite Texts: A Re-assessment
A.Morandi Studies on Etruscan Today: A Critical Assessment
J.Kolendo Die Datierung von Inschriften aus Novae aus der Sicht eines Epigraphikers