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Artefacts as Sources of Knowledge

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ISBN: 978-83-7865-033-1
Description: hardcover, 297 pages (23x15 cm), drawings
Condition: very good
Weight: 515g.




Krzysztof Maciej Kowalski, Artefacts as Sources of Knowledge, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdanskiego, Gdansk 2013


Preface to the English Translation

Preface to the First Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Chapter 1
On the Concept of Artefact and Classifications of Artefacts
1.1    Rationale of the Concept - Need for Introduction and Use in Polish Historical Research
1.2   The Concept of Artefact as the Most Universal Category in Classification of Historical Sources
1.3   Artefact as Opposed to Ecofact
1.4   Artefacts - Collectibles - Relics - Monuments
1.5   The Position of the Artefact in the System of Historical Sources
1.6   Methodological Classification of Artefacts
1.7   On Stanley South's Basic Classification System of Artefacts
1.8    Classification of Artefacts on the Basis of their Present State
1.9   Proposal for a System of Classification of Artefacts on the Basis of their Present Use
Chapter 2
Procedure of Artefact Identification
2.1   Acquisition of Artefacts
2.2   Identifying the Function of an Artefact
2.3   The Issue of an Artefact's Transition from its Original Context to Secondary One
2.4   The Issue of Reconstruction of Artefacts
2.5   Sources of Information about Artefacts
Chapter 3
Analyses of Selected Groups of Artefacts
3.1   Gothic Candlesticks as Visible
but Unidentified Historical Evidence
3.2   Pilgrim Bells Found in Gniew as Artefacts Identified by their Epigraphic Information Structure
3.3   The Riddle of a Group of Font Basins from the 16th and 17th Centuries
3.4   Weather Vanes
3.5   On the Cognitive Value of Baking Moulds
3.6   Two Leaden Inscription Tablets from the Church in Leszkowy
3.7   The Privy Chamber in Klimont6w Collegiate Church Tower: Exceptionality of an Artefact in the Process of Cognition of Past Reality
3.8   Material Evidence of Historical Crafts and Guilds
3.9   The Clay Pipe: Artefact of Unlimited Cognitive Capacity
3.10 Bone Artefacts
3.11 Cut-out Ornaments and Silhouettes: Excellent Paper and Parchment Artefacts
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