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Awaiting the Rain, Early and Middle Holocene Prehistory of Bargat El-Shab Playa on Western Desert of Egypt

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ISBN: 978-83-66463-47-9
Description: softcover, 312 pp (30x21cm)
Condition: new
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P. Bobrowski, M. Jordeczka, M. Kobusiewicz, Awaiting the Rain, Early and Middle Holocene Prehistory of Bargat El-Shab Playa on Western Desert of Egypt, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences, National Science Centre Poland, Poznan-Warsaw 2021

This volume comprises a summary of research work carried out to date in the Bargat El-Shab region. The authors present the results of the research project led by the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences from 2016 to 2020, financed by the National Science Centre, Poland, entitled Awaiting the rain. Economy, Culture Beliefs Pastorials of Todays Western Desert of Egypt.
The publication also falls back on the results of earlier studies conducted between 2005 and 2012 within the scope of the Combined Prehistorie Expedition.

From the Authors
1. Introduction
2.The Early Holocene archaeological evidence in Bargat El-Shab
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Trench 1 (E-05-1/1)
2.2.1. Artifacts Lithics Other stone implements
2.2.2. Archaeozoological materials
2.2.3. Chronology
2.2.4. Summary
2.3. Trench 2 (Site E-05-1/2)
2.3.1. Features
2.3.2. Artifacts Lithic Materials from the surface Materials from the layer Materials from the features Technological raw material analysis Chronology of lithic inventory Stone implements Pottery Personal adornments Bone and shell implements
2.3.3. Animal remains and botanical evidence Summary
2.4. Trench 3 (E-05-1/3)
2.4.1. Artifacts Lithic and stone implements Personal adornments
2.4.2. Grave
2.4.3. Chronology
2.5. Trench 4 (E-05-1/4)
2.5.1. Artifacts Lithics from surface Lithics from features Ostrich egg shells (oes ), beads and blanks Calibrator (grooved stone) Other stone implements Pottery Other personal adornments
2.5.2. Absolute chronology
2.5.3. Discussion
2.6. Trench 5 (E-05-1/5)
2.6.1. Tumulus ?
2.6.2. Objects Hearth Pits Wells (?)
2.6.3. Artefacts Lithics Pottery
2.6.4. Chronology
2.6.5. Summary
3. Middle Holocene. Neolithic and increasing social complexity during the Ru’at el Baquar and Bunat El Asnam Humid Interphases
3.1. Site E-12-04 – The „Island”
3.1.1. Tumuli
3.1.2. Other stone structures
3.1.3. Fireplaces
3.2. Site E-17-10 (stone circle)
3.3. Site E-17-11
3.3.1. Tumuli
3.3.2. Stone structures
3.3.3. Stone chests
3.3.4. Buildings (?)
3.3.5. Stele
3.3.6. Hearths
3.3.7. Artefact materials
3.3.8. Chronology and function
3.4. North Gate (Bawwabat Alshamal)
3.4.1. Site E-18-3B Bawwabat Alshamal Alsharqi
3.4.2. Site E-18-2B
3.4.3. Site E-19-1B
3.5. South gate. Site E-18-4B (Bawwabat Anub Shrq)
3.6. Site E-12-1 – „Clayton Ring”
4. Radiocarbon chronology of Early and Middle Holocene occupation in the Bargat El-Shab Area
5. Summary
APPENDIX I – Fabian Welc
Geological, geomorphological and palaeoclimatological background of the Neolithic settlement in the Bargat El-Shab playa basin
APPENDIX II – Maria Lityńska-Zając and Grzegorz Skrzyński
Vegetation and plant economy of the Neolithic sites at Bargat El-Shab, Egypt, reconstructed from charred plant remains
APPENDIX III – Urszula Iwaszczuk
Animal remains from Bargat El-Shab. Meat consumption at the edge of the desert
APPENDIX IV – Magdalena Srienc
Bioarchaeological investigations of the human skeletal remains from Bargat El-Shab
APPENDIX V – Mirosław Masojć
Bargat El-Shab (Western Desert, Egypt) during Middle and Late Pleistocene
APPENDIX VI – Agnieszka Mączyńska
Bargat El-Shab pottery. Seasons 2018-2019