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Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Greek and Roman Women

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ISBN: 0-8160-4436-8
Description: softcover, 298 pp. (23x18,5cm)
Condition: very good
Weight: 645g.

Marjorie Lightman, Benjamin Lightman, Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Greek and Roman Women, Notable Women from Sappho to Helena, Checkmark Books, New York 2000

Biographical sketches for 447 women living throughout the Greek and Roman worlds from the seventh century B.C.E. to early fourth century C.E. are presented in this volume. The work is intended for all interested readers and is suitable for both popular and scholarly interests. The purpose is to expand the "understanding of circumstances that shaped a woman and her life" in antiquity. Content is organized alphabetically by the names most commonly used in ancient literature, then chronologically in the case of similarly named subjects. Subjects include the familiar, such as Aspasia, Boadicea, and Sappho, and the lesser known, such as the Arete (fifth-fourth century B.C.E.), a Greek philosopher; and Marcia (first century B.C.E.), wife of Cato the Younger. Entries include the subject's name(s), dates (if known), cultural identity, home, description, citations to source material, and cross-references. Length ranges from a few lines (e.g., Cleito) to several pages (e.g., Cleopatra VII). Twenty-three illustrations appear throughout the text. Access points include a table of contents, "Registry," and index. The Registry is an alphabetical list of all the women covered, with very brief occupational, geographical, and chronological descriptors. Also included in the volume are a glossary and two bibliographies: one of ancient sources and an extensive list of modern sources.