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Byzantium, New Peoples, New Powers: The Byzantino Slav Contact Zone from the Ninth to the Fifteenth Century

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ISBN: 978-83-88737-83-1
Description: 366 pages (24x17 cm), 12 photographs
Condition: very good
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Byzantium, New Peoples, New Powers: The Byzantino Slav Contact Zone from the Ninth to the Fifteenth Century, ed. by Kaimakakamova Miliana, Salomon Maciej, Rozycka Smorag Malgorzata, Cracow 2007


Malgorzata Smorag Rozycka, Professor Anna Rozycka Bryzek (1928-2005).
Adam Lukaszewicz, On the fringe of the Byzantine world:
The "Ethiopian Memnon" and his visitors
Stanislaw Turlej, The collapse of the Avar Khaganate and the situation in the southern Balkans. Byzantine and Bulgarian relations in the early 9th century. The birth of Krum's power and its foundations.
Telemachos C. Lounghis, Bulgaria instead of Moravia: Evidence of major political changes
Martin Hurbanic, What did the Patriarch Photius believe in regards to missionary activity?
Lubomira Havlikovd, "Egredere de terra". On geographical-administrative terminology in 9th century legal manuscripts

Maciej Salamon, Einige Bemerkungen zur Notitia episcopatuum des Codex Parisinus 1555A
Mihailo Popovic, Die Gesandschaften des byzantinischen Kaisers Basileios I. zu den Serben
Krzysztof Fokt, Ledzanie - how far from the Empire?
Gunter Priming, Nochmals zur historischen Deutung des Bamberger Gunthertuches auf Joahannes Tzimiskes
Andrzej Poppe, Svjatoslav the Glorious and the Byzantine Empire
Jonathan Shepard, Crowns from the Basileus, crowns from heaven
Martin Woloszyn, Zwei Episoden aus der Geschichte der polnisch--byzantinischen Kontakte des 10. bis 12. Jahrhunderts
Grzegorz Rostkowski, The Christian Names of Some Members of the Riurik
Dynasty as a Testimony of Byzantine Cultural Influences in Kievian Rus', From Olga's Baptism to 1139
Jacek Bonarek, Le Bas Danube dans la seconde moitie du Xl-eme siecle:
nouveaux Etats ou nouveaux peuples?
Jarostaw Dudek, Prince Oleg-Michael Sviatoslavitch in Byzantine Captivity, 1079-1083: Some Remarks on the Byzantine Empire's Pontic Policy in the Second Half of the Eleventh Century
Marta Font, Emperor Manuel Comnenos and the Hungarian Kingdom
Radivoj Radio, Bosnia in Byzantine sources
Vasil Gjuzelev, L'histoire ecclsiastique de Mesembria - centre de communication frontaliere entre la Bulgarie et Byzance
Georgi N. Nikolov, Appearance and Initial Development of Appanages in the Bulgarian Tsardom (late 12th to mid 13th century)
Srdan Pirivatric, The Death of Tsar Stefan DuSan: A Contribution to the Issue
Darius Baronas, Byzantium and Lithuania: North and South look at each other
Mirostaw P. Kruk, Gregory Tsamblak and the Cult of Saint Parasceva,
Angel Nikolov, The Medieval Slavonic Translation of the Paraenetical Chapters of Emperor Basil I between the Balkans, Ostrog and Moscow: Preliminary Remarks