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Catalogue of Ancient Coins in the Ossolinski National Institute Library. Part 3: Coins of the Roman Empire. Nerva - Hadrian

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ISBN: 83-04-036371
Description: 84 pages, 479 b&w photographs
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Catalogue of Ancient Coins in the Ossolinski National Institute Library. Part 3: Coins of the Roman Empire. Nerva - Hadrian, Ossolineum 1991


Index of emperors and their relatives
Index of types
Index of legends
Index of Greek legends
Index of mints

As well as being the third volume of the catalogue of the collection of antique coins in the Ossolineum Library, the present catalogue is also the second volume devoted to the coins of the Roman Empire. It covers pieces dating from the period of rule of Nerva, Trajan and Hadrian, i.e. from A.D. 96 to A.D. 138. As in the previous volume, included in the description are not only imperial coins but also issues minted in the provinces as well as fakes and imitations. On the whole, the present volume includes descriptions of 479 coins.

Among the most valuable are the coins coming from the hoard found in Wroclaw in 1959-60. A separate article has been devoted to them by Stanislaw Wojtowicz: "Skarb denarow rzymskich z Wroclawia na tie skarbow sl^skich II i HI w." (The hoard of Roman denarii in Wroclaw as compared with the Silesian hoards of the 2nd and 3rd centuries) (Ze skarbca kultury, 1967 no. 18). These denarii are here registered under nos. 82, 140, 252, 262-264, 271, 273, 290, 295, 306, 336, 341, 346, 347, 352, 358, 365, 394, 395, and marked with +. Covered in already published documentation are also the Alexandrian coins which have been presented in Gabriela Sukiennik's article, "Monety cesarskiej mennicy w Aleksandrii w zbiorach Biblioteki Zakladu Narodowego im. Ossoliriskich" (The coins of the imperial mint in Alexandria in the collections of the Ossolihski National Institute) (Ze skarbca kultury, 1973 no. 24).

In cataloguing the coins included in the present volume the following collection catalogues have been taken into account: H. Mattingly, Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum, London 1930; A. Geissen, Katalog alexandrinischer Kaisermiinzen der Sammlung des Institut fur Altertumskunde der Universita't zu Koln, Bd. 2, Oplanden 1974. The catalogues of the imperial coins' types are: H. Cohen, Description historique des monnaies frappes sous I'Empire Romain, Paris 1955; H. Mattingly, E. A. Sydenham, The Roman Imperial Coinage, Vol. 2, London 1926.

In the catalogue the descriptions of coins are arranged under emperors, within these limits under metals they are made of, then chronologically and under issues. Detailed descriptions include all metrological data in grams and millimetres.