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Cemetery of Droozhnoye (3rd-4th Centuries)

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ISBN: 83-227-1917-5
Description: hardback, 313 pp. (21,5x30,5cm), 213 plates (b&w)
Condition: very good
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I. N. Khrapunov, Mogilnik Druzhnoe: III-IV viekov Nashei ery. Cemetery of Droozhnoye (3rd-4th Centuries), Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej, Lublin 2002

Volume Two of "Monumenta Studia Gothica"
Claus von Carnap Bornheim, Jorgen Ilkjaer, Andrzej Kokowski

Text in Russian, resume in English

Description of results of excavations
Funeral equipment
Chronology of burial structures
Economical, social, cultural, and ethnical features of the population which left the cemetery
Instead of Conclusion. On ethnical processes in the Crimea at the Roman Period
The Cemetery of Droozhnoye (3d-4th centuries A. D. ) - Resume