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Classica Cracoviensia XXVI (2023)

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Description: paperback, 420 pp. (20,5x14,5 cm)
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Classica Cracoviensia XXVI (2023), ed. by M. Bzinkowski, Krakow 2023


Procopius and Thucydides Defining the Gothic War year
Brian Croke
Italici an Itali? Name Used by the Italian Insurgents of the Social War (91–87 B.C.) to Call Themselves
Małgorzata Członkowska-Naumiuk
A Tangled Web Marriage and Alliance in the Shadows of the Plague, 542–548
Michael Edward Stewart
A Defence of the Traditional Chronology of 542–545, Again
Michael Whitby

On the Development of the Proto-Indo-European *u̯ih-ró-, ‘Man’, in Latin
Dariusz R. Piwowarczyk

Faces of Loneliness in Propertius 1.18
Antoni Bobrowski
Marrying Apollo and Diana Virgilian Reception in the Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri    
Lee Fratantuono    
Between Sound and Silence – The Sonic World of Calpurnius Siculus’ Eclogues    
Edyta Gryksa-Pająk  
Ciceros Beweisführung aus der Wahrscheinlichkeit im Geldstreit zwischen dem Schauspieler Roscius und Fannius Chaerea   
Marek Hermann  
The Authorial Subject as a Metapoetic Figure in Ode I 9, Vides ut alta, and Ode II 19, Bacchum in remotis   
Wojciech Kopek
Gratian as optimus princeps – the Literary Image of “an Ideal Emperor” in Gratiarum actio ad Gratianum Imperatorem by D.M. Ausonius and the Laudatio in Gratianum Augustum of Q.A. Symmachus
Anna Mleczek

Censurae librorum

Persian Wars in Focus: Procopius of Caesarea
Dariusz Brodka