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Collectanea Celto-Asiatica Cracoviensia

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ISBN: 83-7188-337-4
Description: 191 pages, photographs
Condition: very good
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Collectanea Celto-Asiatica Cracoviensia, Editors: J. Pstrusinska, A. Fear, Institute of Oriental Philology Jagiellonian University, Cracow 2000


Marzenna Czerniak-Drozdzowicz
Celto-Indian parallels in art
Andrew Fear
Solum literascripta manet?
Tadeusz Majda
The Celts, the Scythians, and the Turks. Parallels in the visual arts and in literature
Ivvona Milewska
Sandhi w sanskycie i w jezykach celtyckich
Marek J. Olbrycht
The Cimmerian problem re-examined: the evidence of the Classical sources
Marek J. Olbrycht
Notes on the presence of Iranian peoples in Europe and their Asiatic relations
Zygmunt Pucko
A cult of severed heads in Cracow?
Jolanta Sierakowska-Dyndo
Wzor ladu spolecznego w kulturze pasztunskiej i kulturach staroceltyckich
Piotr Stalmaszczyk
Bibliography of Celtic studies in Poland.
Part one: culture and-history
Lidia Sudyka
Possible traces of the Indo-Aryan presence in the prehistoric homeland of the Celts