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Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt, the One and the Many

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ISBN: 0-8014-1223-4
Description: hardcover, cloth, jacket, 296 pages (22x15 cm), 20 figs.
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Erik Hornung, Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt, the One and the Many, Cornell University Press, New York 1982

Preface to the English Edition
Translator's Note
Preface to the German Edition
1. Historical Introduction
2. Egyptian Terms for God and Their Use
ntr and its basic meaning, 33; The use of the word ntr, 42; Other basic terms for divine forces, 60; The adjective "divine," 63.
3. Names and Combinations of Gods
Introduction, 66; Personifications, 74; Female doublets, 83; Multiplicity and hierarchy of names, 86; Syncretism, 91.
4. Depiction and Manifestation of the Gods
The first stages, 100; The "mixed form" and its interpretation, 109; Multiplicity of forms and pantheism, 125; The gods in their "true" appearance,

128; Images of gods; The king, 135.
5. Characteristics of the Gods
Origins, 143; Old age and death, 151; The limits of divine power and efficacy, 166; Diversity, 170; Excursus: The challenge of the nonexistent, 172;

The uniqueness of god, 185; The greatness and transcendence of god, 186.
6. Divine Action and Human Response
7. Classification and Articulation of the Pantheon
Numerical and genealogical classification, 217; Local classification, 223; Excursus: The abode of the gods, 227; Social classification; henotheism,

230; Excursus: The problem of logic, 237; Excursus: The initiative of Akhenaten, 244.
8. Conclusion
Chronological Table
Abbreviations and Bibliography
Sources for Figures
Sources for Plates
Glossary of Gods