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Cracow Indological Studies, vol. 10, Future of Indology

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Cracow Indological Studies, vol. 10, Future of Indology, ed. I. Milewska, Jagiellonian University, Institute of Oriental Philology, Cracow 2008

Editor’s Preface
Sławomir Cieślikowski – biography
Hubert HładijLucyna Lipowska
Indology – an archaic dinosaur or a modern field of studies?
Iwona Milewska
The fundamental problems of contemporary Indology
Greg Bailey
The fundamental problems of contemporary Indology. Addenda
Greg Bailey
Strategies for the future of Sanskrit studies
John Brockington
Seven years on – a further postscript
John Brockington
Philosophy and philology, East and West, need and basis for a global approach
Jan E. M. Houben
Postscript: towards a new Indology and new Sanskrit studies
Jan E. M. Houben
Quo vadis Oriental studies?
Maria Krzysztof Byrski
Study of South Asia in the American university
Patrick Olivelle
Whither Sanskrit, whither classical Indology in the Western world?
Ashok Aklujkar
How to teach Sanskrit? Didactic aspect of the European Sanskrit grammars – a historical survey
Iwona Milewska
Advice for grammarians
Johannes Bronkhorst
Dialogue: the way to Indian philosophy
Saroja Bhate
The sense of ego-maker in classical Samkhya and Yoga. Reconsideration of ahamkara with reference to the mind-body problem
Marzenna Jakubczak
Some thoughts about Edward Said, Hindutva, and Western Indology
Klaus Karttunen