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Cracow Indological Studies, vol. 4/5: 2nd International Conference on Indian Studies, Proceedings

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ISBN: 83-7188-648-9
Description: hardback, 211 pp. (24,5x17 cm), ills.
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Cracow Indological Studies, vol. 4/5: 2nd International Conference on Indian Studies, Proceedings, ed. by R. Czekalska, H. Marlewicz, Jagiellonian University, Institute of Oriental Philology, Cracow 2003

Editors preface
Renata Czekalska, Halina Marlewicz
Exploring the contemporary
Ashok Vajpeyi
Opening Session
'Iranian influences in Hungarian' by Tadeusz Pobozniak fifty years later
Jadwiga Pstrusinska
Strategies for the future of Sanskrit studies John Brockington
Hindi Writers Speak
Between the real and the unreal
Nirmal Verma
A few personal thoughts onAtmajayiand my other poems. The content of living in the form of poetry
Ktitjwar Narain
Absence and presence - exploring music in poetry
Ashok Vajpeyi
The Mahabharat in my poems
Vishnu Khare
The worlds. Sacrality & literature: a Hindi writer's point of view
Ramesh Chandra Shah
The image of mountains between Itihasa and Kavya
Giuliano Boccali
Who was the golden deer? Narrative inconsistency in the abduction of Sita
Mary Brockington
Krsna's action as the paradigm ofasakta karman in the Bhagavadgita
Simon Brodbeck
Johannes Bronkhorst
On the edge of reality; the nature of the act of perception in Indian art
M. Krzysztof Byrski
Between word and presence. Reading Ashok Vajpeyi
Renata Czekalska
Some remarks concerning diksd in the Pancaratric tradition
Marzenna Czerniak-Drozdzowicz
Stranger in a strange land
Rahul Peter Das
Describing the 'other': Indian Jewish representations of the Parsis, later British period
Yulia Egorova
Notes on designation of man in the Rgveda
Tatiana Elizarenkova
Testing chanting skills at Katavallur Anyonyam
Cezary Galewicz
Vedanta stood on its head: sakkaya and sakkaya-ditthi
Richard Gombrich
The origin(s) ofnatya: natya versus ritual
Klara Gonc Moacanin
Minoru Hara
Semantic aspects of Vamana's poetics
Mart Hattori
Back to the roots. Metaphor in the Rgveda and examples in the philosophical sutras
Joanna Jurewicz
Salabha, patanga, etc. Locusts, crickets, and moths in Sanskrit literature
Klaus Karttunen
Hybridity as reflected in language. The case of Hindi and Persian
Agnieszka Kuczkiewicz-Fras
The Law of Karma — universal or individual?
Marta Kudelska
Translating a Hindi novel. Problems and possibilities
Lothar Lutze
Towards a methodological approach to the hermeneutics of early Vedanta
Halina Marlewicz
On the response to English literature: aspects of reaction in Hindi
Stuart McGregor
Asesajagadisitrim vande varadavallabham (Prapannaparijata 6,26). An interpretation of a controversial issue in the light of the hermeneutics of religion
Gerhard Oberhammer
A note on modern Hindi poetry
Mariola Offredi
Philosophy as spiritual exercise. Elements of human experience according to Leon Cyboran
Krzysztof Pawlowski
Between the river and the woman: Ganga in Kalidasa's Meghaduta
Mariola Pigoniowa
On the concept of Vaikuntha in Visistadvaitavedanta and Pancaratra
Marion Rastelli
Myths, tales, scriptures: feminist re-reading of received narratives in KatyayanT's poetry
Lucy Rosenstein
The feminine beauty in the classical Indian poetry: ideas and ideals
Daniela Rossella
Avidya in Mandanamisra and Sankara
Pawel Sajdek
What is the object of perception according to Mandana Misra?
Marcus Schmucker
The legacy of Krsna in Dharmavir Bharti's Andha Yug
Satyendra Srivastava
Banadas: a nineteenth-century singer of Rama's glory
Danuta Stasik
From Asvaghosa to Bhatti: the development of the mahakavya genre
Lidia Sudyka
Brahmanirvana versus nirvana (nibband). Some remarks on the polemics with Buddhism in the Bhagavadgita
Przemyslaw Szczurek
Some remarks on memorial stones tradition in Tamil Nadu
Natalia Swidzinska
The genre of Jayadeva's Gitagovinda
Herman Tieken
The description of Krsna in Magha's Sisupalavadha
Anna Trynkowska
The world-affirming and integrative dimension of classical Yoga
Ian Whicher
Black Plum Island
Dominik Wujastyk