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Cracow Indological Studies, Vol. XIII, Text Divisions and Classification of Knowledge in Literary and Epistemic Cultures of Pre-Modern India

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Description: paperback, 160pp. (21x15 cm)
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Cracow Indological Studies, Vol. XIII, Text  Divisions  and Classification of  Knowledge  in Literary and  Epistemic Cultures of Pre-Modern India, ed. by Cezary Galewicz, Krakow 2011

Books, Songs, Adhyāyas, Sargas: Text Divisions in the Classical West and India
K. Karttunen
Ucchvāsa, sarga and lambha:Text  divisions  in  Sanskrit  poems (mahākāvyas)
L. Sudyka
Narrative Sequence in a Polemical Work: Some Structural Problems in Mahimabhaṭṭa’s Vyaktiviveka
Ch. Rajendran
Ontological Categories In Early Indian Philosophy
Categorization in the Brāhmaṇas
Īśvarasaṃhitā  or Narasiṃhakalpa: on strategies of textual self-rep-resentation
E. Dębicka-Borek
All  the  Books You  Need  to  Understand  the World Around You: knowledge classifications in the Yāmalāṣṭakatantra and the library of Kāvīndrācārya Sarasvatī
C. Galewicz
ReviewsShonaleeka Kaul, Imagining the Urban
L. Szczepanik
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