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Deir el-Bahari VI, The Temple of Hatshepsut, The Solar Complex

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ISBN: 83-88973-30-4
Description: softcover, 296 pp (29x21cm).; plates in a separate portfolio (44x31x4cm)
Condition: new
Weight: 4030g.



Janusz Karkowski, Deir el-Bahari VI, The Temple of Hatshepsut, The Solar Complex, Centre d'Archeologie Mediterraneenne de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences, Varsovie 2003

List of plates
List of text figures
Excursus: The numbering of epigraphic units in the Hatshepsut temple at Deir el-Bahari
Chapter 1: Discovery and restoration
Chapter 2: Building history
Inroductory remarks
Phase 1: The Solar Complex with a smaller altar and an asymmetrical eastern doorway
to the Altar Court
Phase 2: The Solar Complex with the Night-Sun Chapel to the west and an asymetrical
western entrance to the Altar Court
Phase 3: Night-Sun Chapel to the east, axial entrance to the Altar Court, addition of the
Upper Ambis Shrine
Chapter 3: Ancient history .
Chapter 4: Interpretation
A. The decorative programme of the Solar Complex
The gods
The kings
Attested kings,Royal costume, Royal Portraits
The solar barks
The remaining images referring to the solar cycle
B. Spatial arrangement and symbolism of the Solar Complex
Prelimninary remarks
The symbolism of the architectural layout of the solar complex and its place
in the temple
Orientation of scenes
The play of light and shadow
C. Solar aspects of other parts of the Hatshepsut Temple
D. Cult in the Solar Complex
Chapter 5: Comparative examination of other solar complexes
A. Introductory remarks
B. Architecture of the solar complexes in the Theban mortuary temples
C. Decoration of the solar complexes in the Theban mortuary temples.
Temple of Gurna, 93; Temple of Merenptah, 94; Medinet Habu, 94. D. Atypical solar complexes
Akh-menu at Karnak, 105; Luxor, 108; The shadow of Re of Queen Teye at Amarna, 111;
Great Temple at Abu Simbel, 112; Temple of Taharqa at Karnak, 115.
Chapter 6: Architecture
General description
Material, 122; The doorways, 123; The walls, 123; The cornice, 124; The columns, 125;
The architraves, 125; The wall niches, 126; The altar, 126; The pavement, 127. Calculation for the cubit length used in the Solar Complex
Chapter 7: Decoration
Method of documentation and presentation
The Night-Sun Chapel (06.01).
South wall
Comment on the reconstruction of the south wall
West wall
Comment on the restoration of the west wall
North wall
East wall
Remarks on the reconstruction of the east wall
The niche of the Night-Sun Chapel (06.01.NC)
The Night-Sun Chapel: columns, architraves, and soffit
The Altar Court (06.02)
The doorway
The southern niche of the Altar Court (06.02.NC.A)
The western niche of the Altar Court (06.02.NC.B)
The dismantled niche (06.02.NC.C)
The Altar (06.02.AL)
The graffiti
Hieroglyphic graffiti, 253; Hieratic graffiti, 254; Figural graffiti, 255 (Hatshepsut's
reign, 255, Late or Ptolemaic Period, 255, Coptic Period 264); Greek graffiti, 265;
Coptic graffiti, 265; Arabic graffiti, 265



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