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Deir el-Naqlun, The Greek Papyri, volume II

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ISBN: 978-83-918250-8-2
Description: hardback, 176 pp., (24x17 cm), phots., maps, plates
Condition: very good
Weight: 365g.




Tomasz Derda, JJP Supplement vol. 9, Deir el-Naqlun, The Greek Papyri, volume II, Warsaw 2008

The volume contains some twenty Greek texts on papyrus and ostraca, both theological and documentary, found during the excavation carried out by the Polish Archaeological Mission (directed by prof. Wlodzimierz Godlewski) at Deir el-Naqlun, a monastic complex in the Fayum, Egypt. Among them are: seven leaves from a finely decorated codex of Psalms (P. Naqlun inv. 34/88); two ostraka (O. Naqlun inv. 64/86 and 53/88) containing contiguous fragments of the Gospel according to Matthew; a small archive (from hermitage no. 89 of the Naqlun laura) made up of three notarial documents dated to ad 585–593; a dozen fragmentarily preserved letters. Volume I of P. Naqlun was published by the same author in 1994.