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Egyptian Antiquities from Kufur Nigm and Bubastis

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ISBN: 978-3-00-033509-9
Description: softcover, 296 pp. (25x19cm), 4 maps, 97 col. pls, 45 b/w figs, 31 drawings
Condition: very good
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Mohamed I. Bakr and Helmut Brandl, with Faye Kalloniatis (eds.), Egyptian Antiquities from Kufur Nigm and Bubastis, M.i.N. - Publications, Berlin, 2010

Text in English/Arabic.

I. Introduction
Map of the Nile Delta with archaeological sites
List of Objects: Summary
II. Essays
Kufur Nigm: An Early Dynastic Cemetery in the Nile Delta
The Pharaonic Cemeteries of Bubastis
Bubastis and the Temple of Bastet
Precious Metal Hoards from Bubastis
III. Catalogue
83 entries including a total of 182 objects illustrated in colour
Technical Information
Further Reading

This volume introduces the reader to the archaeology and history of two ancient sites in the Eastern Nile Delta: Kufur Nigm and Bubastis (Tell Basta).

The finds from Kufur Nigm originate from the Early Dynastic Period (around 3000 BC) and add to our understanding of the religious thought and funerary culture which existed at the beginning of the ancient Egyptian Dynastic period.

Bubastis is one of the most significant ancient sites of Egypt. The local necropolises of the Old and New Kingdom together with the temple of the lion-headed goddess, Bastet, of the Libyan Period (10th/9th century BC), are even today productive find spots. Of exceptional importance is a hoard find (1992) from the area of the Bastet temple; it is presented and discussed here for the first time.

The objects, many of them without parallels, are currently exhibited in temporary galleries at the University of Zagazig. They are illustrated here with fine photographs. Previously unpublished excavation photographs, line drawings and maps enhance the documentation.