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Etudes et Travaux XXXIV/2021

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Description: softcover, 409 pp., (24x17cm), phots, drawings
Condition: new
Weight: 1105g.


Etudes et Travaux XXXIV/2021, Institut des Cultures Mediterraneennes et Orientales de l`Academie Polonaise des Sciences, Varsovie 2021

Henryk Meyza
Adriatic Wine Amphorae in Nea Paphos
Nea Paphos Cyprus Adriatic amphorae amphora stoppers
Marta Bajtler
The Temple and Its Surroundings on Fabrika Hill, Paphos: Preliminary Results of the French-Polish Excavations (2018–2019)
Nea Paphos temple Hellenistic-Roman period Cyprus Fabrika hill underground chambers Byzantine burials Medieval period
Claire Balandier, Jolanta Młynarczyk
The Shell Motif in the Culture and Architecture of the Ancient Town of Marina el-Alamein in Egypt architecture religion Graeco-Roman Egypt scallop shell Aphrodite lamp aedicula decoration
Grażyna Bąkowska-Czerner, Rafał Czerner
‘Hellenistic’ House in Nea Paphos, Cyprus – A First Summary of Its Architecture
Nea Paphos ‘Hellenistic House’ ancient residence Roman period Cyprus
Aleksandra Brzozowska-Jawornicka
In Search of the Module in the Architectural Design of the ‘Hellenistic’ House in Nea Paphos, Cyprus
Nea Paphos ‘Hellenistic House’ cosine quantogram architectural module metrology Cyprus
Aleksandra Brzozowska-Jawornicka, Anna Kubicka-Sowińska
Kushite Stamp Impressions from Selib 2, Sudan
Nubia Kush Meroitic period Selib 2 stamp seal sealing trade transport
Roksana Hajduga
Mapping Metal Rich Roman Cyprus: The Case for Object-Centred Approaches
metals mining metallurgy material culture British Museum Roman period Cyprus
Ersin Hussein
Villa of Theseus at Nea Paphos (Cyprus). Fourth–Early Fifth Century Numismatic Evidence for Architectural Transformations and Seismic Events
Nea Paphos coins late Roman Cyprus Villa of Theseus North-western House earthquakes
Barbara Lichocka
Wall Paintings in Ancient Cyprus: The Hellenistic and Roman Tombs of Paphos and Its Region
Nea Paphos wall paintings Hellenistic period Roman period Cyprus tombs
Vasiliki Lysandrou, Demetrios Michaelides
A Weight of Seleucia in Pieria in Nea Paphos
Nea Paphos Cyprus Seleucia in Pieria ancient weights agora
Adam Łajtar
Ancient Portrait Busts of Marcus Aurelius in the National Museum in Poznań
Roman period portrait sculpture Marcus Aurelius museum collection
Diana Mroczek
Pyla-Vigla: A Case Study Assessing the Imperial Strategies of the Hellenistic Diadochoi in Cyprus
Hellenistic Cyprus Pyla-Vigla Antigonus Diadochoi imperialism Pyla-Koutsopetria Ptolemy
Brandon R. Olson, R. Scott Moore, Thomas Landvatter, Justin Stephens
Colonnaded Hall in Kourion: How the Oecus Corinthius Was Interpreted in the Roman Houses of Cyprus
architecture colonnaded hall Graeco-Roman Cyprus housing Kourion
Patrizio Pensabene, Eleonora Gasparini
Adopting Roman Habits – The Baths in the House of Orpheus in NeaPaphos as a ‘Troublesome’ Case Study?
Nea Paphos Roman period Cyprus House of Orpheus baths heating system water management
Monika Rekowska, Demetrios Michaelides, Skevi Christodoulou, Jakub Kaniszewski
Terracotta Pipelines at Maloutena: Remarks on the Water System in the Residential District of Ancient Nea Paphos, Cyprus
Nea Paphos terracotta pipelines Hellenistic-Roman Cyprus water tower
Marcin M. Romaniuk