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Gdansk Archaeological Museum African Reports, vol. 11, 2014

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Description: paperback, 124 pp. (29,5x21,5 cm), figs.
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Gdansk Archaeological Museum African Reports, vol. 11, 2014, ed. H. Paner and S. Jakobielski, Gdansk Archaeological Museum, Gdansk 2014

Edyta Klimaszewska-Drabot & Mahmoud El-Tayeb
El-Zuma Excavations. Pottery Assemblage from the First Season, 2004-2005
Elzbieta Kotosmvska & Zbigniew Borcowski
Once More on Kassinger Bahri Cemetery. Final Report
Maciej Kurcz
Between the River and the Desert. The category of the Border in the Folk Culture of the North Sudanese Muslims Cemetery P1 in El-Ar
Anna Longa
Part I. An Archaeological Report
Teodozja I. Rzeuska
Part II. Egyptian Jar from Tumulus 4
Joachim Sliwa
Part III. A Scarab Found in El-Ar
Piotr Malinski
Some Remarks on the Role of Volcanic Craters in the Traditional Economy of the Manasir Tribe of the Bayuda Desert
Miroslaw Masojc & Henryk Paner
The Bayuda Project (BP). The Palaeolithic and Neolithic Age in the Light of Current Research (2009-2011)
Dorota Moryto-Naumiuk
Brief Overview of the Types of Damage and Destructive Factors Affecting the Plaster, Whitewash and Wall Paintings in Makuria
Joanna Then-Obluska
The Secret Life of Nubian Eye Beads: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Beads from the GAME Collection
Magdalena Wlodarska & Mariola Orzechowska
Preliminary Report on the Excavations of the Kerma Horizon Cemeteries at Shemkhiya (2007/2008 Season)
Maciej Zabek & Jacek Lapott
Nuba People from South Kordofan. The Community of Refugees in Sudan After the Civil War 1983-2005