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Gdansk Archaeological Museum African Reports, vol. 2, 2003

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Description: paperback, 194 pp. (29,5x21,5 cm), figs.
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Gdansk Archaeological Museum African Reports, vol. 2, 2003, ed. by H. Paner, Gdansk Archaeological Museum, Gdansk 2003

Renata Ablamowicz
Preliminary Report on Skeletal Material from Tell el Farkha
Dobieslawa Baginska
Early and Classic Pottery from Faras
Andrzej Blazynski
Shulwkh: Facial Scarification in the Nile Valley - Origins and Function.
Andrzej Blazynski
Shulukh Scarification Traditions Among the Shaiqiya
Zbigniew Borcowski
Gdansk Archaeological Museum Expedition Excavations at Site 239 in the Fourth Cataract Region
Marek Chlodnicki & Jacek Kabacinski    
The Neolithic of the Dongola Reach (Nubia)
Gabriela Chmiel
Interim Conservation Measures Taken to Preserve Wall Paintings on Adobe Substrates at Old Dongola
Malgorzata Daszkiewicz & Ewa Bobryk
Raw Material Classification of Mesolithic to Early Islamic Pottery from the Karima - Abu Hamad Region (Sudan)
Malgorzata Daszkiewicz, Ewa Bobryk & Gerwulf Schneider
Continuity and Change in Pottery Making from the Mesolithic to Christian Period in the Fourth Cataract Region (Sudan)
Marta Gauza
Osteological Remains from the Second Campaign (1998/99) of the Southern Dongola Reach Survey
Judyta J. Gladykowska-Rzeczycka
Case Study of a Rare Disease Noted in a Skeleton from a Post-Meroitic Cemetery in Kassinger-Bahri, Sudan
Wlodzimierz Godlewski
The City of Dongola before the Arab raid of 651 /2
Maciej Jordeczka
Neolithic Sandstone Tools from Kadero 1, Sudan
Elzbieta Kolosowska & Mahmoud El-Tayeb
Pottery from the Fourth Cataract Region (Sudan)
Elzbieta Kolosowska & Mahmoud El-Tayeb
Test Excavations at a Cemetery Site Near El Argub in the Fourth Cataract Region
Lech Krzyzaniak
Excavations at Naga'a(Central Sudan)
Magdalena Laptas
Representation of the Angelic Hierarchy in a Nativity Scene from Faras Cathedral
Malgorzata Martens-Czarnecka
New Wall Paintings Discovered at the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Old Dongola (Sudan) During the 2000 Excavation Campaign
Piotr Osypinski
Palaeolithic Sites Recorded by the Polish Joint Archaeological Mission to the Middle Nile Valley (Southern Dongola Reach Survey)
Piotr Osypinski
Rescue Excavations at the Neolithic Site MG4-SDRS
Henryk Paner
Kerma Culture, Rock Art, Dome Graves and Other Discoveries in the Fourth Nile Cataract Region
Krzysztof Pluskota
On the Road to Bir Nurayet - Reflections on a Journey Through the Red Sea Hills
Aleksandra Pudlo
Anthropological Characteristics of Ancient Nubian Populations from 12 000 to 2000 BC