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Gdansk Archaeological Museum African Reports, vol. 8, 2013 (2016)

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Gdansk Archaeological Museum African Reports, vol. 8, 2013 (2016), ed. H. Paner and S. Jakobielski, Gdansk Archaeological Museum, Gdansk 2016

Henryk Paner Introduction
Henryk Paner & Mirostaw Masojc
From Old Sennar, Bejrawiya and Fourth Cataract - to the Bayuda Desert. Twenty years of Gdansk archaeologists in Sudan - a short overview
Dobiestawa Baginska
Amphorae and Their Contents. Goods Imported to Nubia Between the 2nd Century BC and 12th Century AD
Mariusz Drzewiecki
Fortresses in the Middle Nile Region: in the Times of O.G.S. Crawford and Today
Mariusz Drzewiecki & Pawet Polkowski
Fortified Sites in the Area of the Fifth and Sixth Cataract in Context: Preliminary Reflections
Roksana Hajduga
Spinning Bowls Found at Selib II Site (2011 Season)
Magdalena Wtodarska
Preliminary Report on the Excavations of the Kerma Horizon Cemeteries at Shemkhiya (2008/2009 Season)
Bogdan Zurawski
A Tale of Two Sites: Ten Years of Excavation in Banganarti and Two Years in Selib
Abdelrahman Ibrahim Said & Yahia Fadl Tahir
Excavation of the El-Hamra Church in the El-Ga'ab Depression,
Western Dongola Reach, Sudan