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General Masaki Jinzaburo and the Imperial Way Faction (Kodoha) in the Japanese Army, 1932-1936

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ISBN: 83-230-0340-8
Description: 224 pages, 300 vols. issued
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Ewa Palasz-Rutkowska, General Masaki Jinzaburo and the Imperial Way Faction (Kodoha) in the Japanese Army, 1932-1936, Warsaw University Press, Warsaw 1990


0. Introduction
0.1. The scope of the work and the primary sources
0.2. The historical background - the origin of the 1930's events
0.2.1. Japan in the early twentieth century
0.2.2. Changes in the Japanese Army after the Meij Restoration
0.2.3. Factions within the Japanese Array - up to the late 1920 's
0.3. Masaki Jinzaburo - his life and activities /1876-1931/
1. Masaki Jinzaburo as the Vice-Chief of General Staff Office 1932-1934/
1.1. Political incidents
1.1.1. The March and October Incidents
1.1.2. The Blood Pledge Group Incident and the May 15 Incident
1.2. The Original Imperial Way Faction /Gensho-Kodoha/
1.2.1. Ideology
1.2.2. Personal composition of the Original Kodoha
1.2.3. Split of the Gensho-Kodoha
1.3. Masaki Jinzaburo during the period of the Original Kodoha
1.3.1. Masaki versus incidents
1.3.2. "On understanding the situation" /Jikyoku-ninshiki-ni tsuite/
1.3.3. Masaki versus factions
2. Masaki Jinzaburo as the General Inspector of Military Education /1934 - latter part of 1935/
2.1. Political incidents
2.1.1. The November Incident
2.1.2. The problem concerning the Smperor-as-an-Organ theory
2.2. The Imperial Way Faction and the Control Faction
2.2.1. "The Army Pamphlet"
2.2.2. Personal composition of the Kodoha and the Toseiha
2.3. Masaki Jinzaburo during this period
2.3.1. Masaki versus incidents
2.3.2. Masaki versus his political opponents
3. Masaki Jinzaburo as the Military Councillor - the second half of. 1935 up to March 1936
3.1. Political incidents and events
3.1.1. The problem concerning Masaki's removal from the post of General Inspector
3.1.2. The Aizawa Incident
3.1.3. The February Incident
3.2. Masaki versus incidents
3.2.1. Masaki versus the Aizawa Incident
3.2.2. Masaki versus the February 26 Incident
4. Conclusion
4.1. Masaki's life and activities /1936-1956/
4.2. Some remarks on Masaki's character
4.3. The final remarks
Index - Glossary
Selected Bibliography

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