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Greek and Hellenistic Studies

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ISBN: 83-233-2109-4
Description: 201 pages, photographs, drawings
Condition: new
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Greek and Hellenistic Studies, edited by Edward Dabrowa, Jagiellonian University Press, Cracow 2006

Andreas Luther, Die Mobilmachung des spartanischen Landheeres im 5. und 4. Jh. und das Problem der Nominierung der Konige zu Feldherrn
Peter J. Rhodes, "Classical" and "Hellenistic" in Athenian History
Sian Lewis, Agathocles: Tyranny and Kingship in Syracuse
Gholamreza F. Assar, Moses of Chorene and the Early Parthian Chronology
Gholamreza F. Assar, A Revised Parthian Chronology of the Period 165-91 BC
Edward Dabrowa, The Hasmonean Monarchy in the Hellenistic Context. Some Observations
Pierre-Louis Gatier, Jacques Seigne, Le Hammama de Zeus a Gerasa
Tomasz Grabowski, The Ptolemaic Policy towards Rome and Pontus during the First Mithridatic War
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