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Greek Elegy and Iambus, Studies in Ancient Literary Sources

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ISBN: 83-232-0529-9
Description: softcover, 144 pp. (24x16,5 cm); first ed., 700 vols issued
Condition: very good
Weight: 250g.




Krystyna Bartol, Greek Elegy and Iambus, Studies in Ancient Literary Sources, UAM, Poznan 1993

Part I: Ancient Generic Terminology and Its Interpretation
I. 1. Preliminary Remarks
I. 2. Terminology Concerning Elegy
I. 3. Iambus - the Problem of Terminology
I. 4. Latin Generic Terminology
Part    II: Elegiac and Iambic Poetry in the Process of Literary Communication
II.    1. Preliminary Remarks
II.    2. The Manner of Performing Elegy
II.    3. Circumstances of Performing Elegy
II.    4. The Social Functions of Elegy
II.    5. The Manner of Performance of Iambic Poetry
II.    6. The Circumstances of Performing Iambic Poetry
II.    7. The Social Functions of Iambic Poetry
- concerning Elegy
- concerning Iambus
Index of the Authors of Testimonies
(Summary in Polish)