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Greek Gems and Finger Rings, Early Bronze Age to Late Classical

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ISBN: 0-500-23777-8
Description: hardback, dustjacket, 480 pp. (31x24,5cm), 1455 ills. (51 colour plates, 1081 phots., 323 line drawings)
Condition: very good
Weight: 2730g.

John Boardman, Greek Gems and Finger Rings, Early Bronze Age to Late Classical, New Expanded Edition, Thames and Hudson, London 2001

Greek Gems and Finger Rings has remained the definitive volume on gem engraving in ancient Greece since its first publication nearly thirty years ago. John Boardman explores the materials, techniques and shapes employed in this ancient art and traces the development of the Bronze Age studios in the Minoan and Mycenaean world. The works of the great period of Classical gem engraving are resolved into their styles and schools, with a special chapter devoted to Greek works within the Persian empire. The plates, which show the gems enlarged up to four times their natural size, present the fullest possible range of devices and styles from all periods. Boardman summarises recent research and provides an additional select bibliography. Seventy more illustrations in the new epilogue bring the volume right up to date, and it stands confirmed as an essential work of reference for all classical art historians, as well as a thorough survey of the subject for all lovers of Greek art.