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Ground and Pecked Stone Industry in the Pre-pottery Neolithic of Northern Iraq, Nemrik 9, Vol. 3

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ISBN: 83-903062-9-8
Description: hardback, 214 pp. (29,5x21,5 cm), LXVIII plates
Condition: very good
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Ryszard F. Mazurowski, Ground and Pecked Stone Industry in the Pre-pottery Neolithic of Northern Iraq, Nemrik 9, Vol. 3, Warsaw University Press, Warsaw 1997

Author's foreword
1. Introduction
2. An analysis of stone artifacts
2.1.General remarks
2.2. Classification list of stone artifacts
2.3. Classification list of stone and flint raw materials
2.3.1. Stone raw materials
2.3.2. Flint raw materials
2.4. Form analysis of artifacts
2.4.1. Group I. Bolas balls
2.4.2. Group II. Querns and other approximate forms
2.4.3. Group III. Grinders
2.4.4. Group IV. Mortars (crushing mills)
2.4.5. Group V. Pounders for mortars
2.4.6. Group VI. Hammerstones
2.4.7. Group VII. Celts
2.4.8. Group VIII. Adzes
2.4.9. Group IX. Polishing tools, plates and trays Class IXA. Large elongated polishing stones Class IXB. Grinding plates, polishing plates and ,,kitchen" plates Class IXC. Slender pebbles with traces of polishing on the lateral surfaces Class IXD. Flat slab plates Class IXE. Trays with oval depressions in the centre
2.4.10. Group X. Maceheads
2.4.11. Group XI. Pointed tools
2.4.12. Group XII. Pebbles with traces of strokes, smoothing and polishing; stone flakes
2.4.13. Group XIII. Combined tools
2.4.14. Group XIV. Vessels
2.4.15. Group XV. Whetstones
2.4.16. Group XVI. Ornaments Class XVIA. Beads Class XVIB. Pendants Class XVIC. Circular discs with centrally positioned frontal holes Class XVID. Rings Class XVIE. Circular discs without holes Class XVIF. Ovoidal pebbles with natural hole Class XVIG. Bracelets Class XVIH. Bow-shaped ornaments with a S-shaped profile Class XVIJ. Trapezoidal ornaments with a longitudinal groove
2.4.17. Group XVII. Phallic representations
2.4.18. Group XVIII. Anthropomorphic and zoomorphic representations Class XVIIIA. Anthropomorphic representations Class XVIIIB. Zoomorphic representations
2.4.19. Group XIX. Whistles
2.4.20. Group XX. Choppers
2.4.21. Group XXI. Fragments of unidentified stone
artifacts 2.5. General functional groups of stone artifacts
3. Joint characteristic of stone inventories from the PPN settlements in Northern Iraq
3.1. Tell M'lefaat
3.3. Qalat Jarmo
3.4. Tell Magzalia
3.5. Tell Shimshara
4. Stone industry in Northern Iraq at a stage of evolving production economy
List of plates List of figures List of tables
General index
Index of geographical names