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Here and There Across the Ancient Near East. Studies in Honour of Krystyna Lyczkowska

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ISBN: 978-83-87111-45-8
Description: softcover, XXII+281pp. (16,5x23,5), drawings, photos, plans
Condition: very good
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Here and There Across the Ancient Near East. Studies in Honour of Krystyna Lyczkowska, Edited by Olga Drewnowska-Rymarz, Agade, Warszawa 2009


Editor's Foreword
Tabula Gratulatoria
Bibliography of Krystyna Lyczkowska
List of Abbreviations
Piotr Bielinski
Some Cylinder Seal Impressions on Pottery from Tell Arbid
Jan Braun
Pelasgian and Thracian Personal Names in Tyrsenian Language
Albertyna Dembska
Olga Drewnowska
Figurines and Statues in the Cult of Nanaja
Krystyna Gawlikowska
Birds on Sasanian Glass
Michal Gawlikowski
Crossing to Kanes
Magdalena Kapehis
Amelia Hertz as Assyriologist
Zdzistaw Kapera
Jewish Rebellion in Cyprus in 116/117 AD and Mesopotamia
Pawel Kociszewski
The Rod and the Ring. A Few Reflections about Creating Reality
Rafal Kolinski
On the Organization of the Old Assyrian Long Distance Trade
Edward Lipinski
Dorota Lawecka
North-Babylonian Motifs in Early Dynastic Mesopotamian Glyptics
Piotr Michalowski
Assur during the Ur III Period
Piotr A. Miglus
Zwei Nergal-Tempel. Zwischen babylonischer und assyrischer Tradition
Stefan Nowicki
Acquiring of the Ritual Purity by Mechanical and Magical Means in the Ancient Near Eastern Rituals
Maciej Popko
Bin unbekanntes Textbruchstiick zu CTH 627?
Andrzej Reiche and Malgorzata Sandowicz
Neo-Babylonian Seal from the Potocki Collection at the National Museum in Warsaw
Hanna Roszkowska-Mutschler
Einige Bemerkungen zu den Annalen Hattusilis I. und den Zehnjahr-Annalen Mursilis II.
Marek St^pien
Why Some Kings Become Gods. The Deification of Naram-Sin, the Ruler of the World
Aleksandra Szymkuc and Dorota Wanacka
Two Sumerian Bricks from a Private Collection
Piotr Taracha
Why Hattusili chose the Storm-god of Nerik and Sauska of Samuha
Stefan Zawadzki
The Archive of the Raba-sa-Ninurta Family from Babylon. Business and Family Relations as Revealed by BM 55482