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Illyria and the Balkan Provinces in United Europe

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ISBN: 978-83-928330-8-6
Description: softcover, 139 pages (25x18,5 cm), phots.
Condition: very good
Weight: 445g.

Piotr Dyczek, Illyria and the Balkan Provinces in United Europe, Warsaw 2011

Text in Polish, Albanian, English.

Preface by
Irena Tatarzynska
Preface by
Prof. Katarzyna Chalasinska-Macukow
"Works and Days"
About the archaeologists
Where is Risan?
Rhizon and the ancient authors
The first archaeologists in Teuta's ancient capital
Moenia Aeacia — the defenses of Rhizon
The living arrangements Insulae in a sea of streets The acropolis of ancient Rhizon
Medaurus — divine guardian of Rhizon
Life after life
Mysterious King Ballaios and a hoard of coins
Useful and beautiful, for the rich and for the poor
Roman mosaics from the Houses of Hypnos and of the Meander
Salvaging the past
"The phalanx of Alexander the Great"
Rare statuary
Sun of Tuscany, where are you?
Medice, cura te ipsum...
Toward the future
Post scriptum