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Investigations into Amber, Proceedings of the International Interdisciplinary Symposium: Baltic Amber and other Fossil Resins

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ISBN: 83-85824-01-4
Description: hardback, 285 pp. (27,5x22,5cm), figs.
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Investigations into Amber, Proceedings of the International Interdisciplinary Symposium: Baltic Amber and other Fossil Resins, 2-6 September 1997, Gdansk, ed. by B. Kosmowska-Ceranowicz, H. Paner, The Archaeological Museum in Gdansk, Gdansk 1999

Barbara KOSMOWSKA-CERANOWICZ, Naturwissenschaftliche Forschungen uber Bernstein in Polen
Alexander I. BLAZCHISHIN, Eocene palaeogeography and sedimentation in the Baltic Deep and adjoning areas
Nadezhda P. LUKASHINA & Gennadij S. KHARIN, Criteria for the recognition of the Prussian suite (formation) and Prussian horizon
Siegfried RITZKOWSKI, Das geologische Alter der bernsteinfiihrenden Sedimente in Sambia (Bezirk Kaliningrad), bei Bitterfeld (Sachsen/Anhalt) und bei Helmstedt (SE-Niedersachsen)
Jacek Robert KASINSKI & Elzbieta TOLKANOWICZ, Amber in the northern Lublin Region — origin and occurrence
Wladimir TUTSKIJ & Ljudmila STEPANJUK, Geologie und Mineralogie des Bernsteins von Klessow, Ukraine
Jan KOTEJA, Palaeoentomology in Poland
Jan KOTEJA, Scale insects (Homoptera, Coccinea) in Cretaceous amber
Barbara KOSMOWSKA-CERANOWICZ & Roza KULICKA, Rare animal inclusions in Baltic amber
Barbara KOSMOWSKA-CERANOWICZ, Roza KULICKA & Gabriela GIERLOWSKA, A lizard found in Baltic amber
Roza KULICKA & Tadeusz KUSIAK, A new example of Heteroptera (Miridae) from Baltic amber
Roza KULICKA & Zofia SIKORSKA-PIWOWSKA, Mammalian ichnites in amber
Siegfried RITZKOWSKI, Die Eidechse Nucras succinea Boulenger der ehem. Konigsberger Bernsteinsammlung
Nikolai I. TURKIN & Elena E. EZHOVA, Some regularities of the capture of plant remains in natural resins
Jan Michal BURDUKIEWICZ, Late Palaeolithic amber in Northern Europe
Kldra MARKOVA, Bernsteinfunde im Karpatenbecken
Andrzej NIWINSKI, Amber in ancient Egypt
Ryszard E MAZUROWSKI, Exploitation and working of amber during the Late Neolithic period in the
Zulawy region
Ilze B. LOZE, The processing of amber during the Middle Neolithic in Latvia
Siegfried RITZKOWSKI & Gerd WEISGERBER, Die neolithischen Bernsteinarktefakte der Bernstein sammlung der ehemaligen Albertus-Universitat zu Konigsberg i. Pr
Zbigniew BUKOWSKI, Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age amber finds from the catchment areas of the rivers Oder and Vistula
Aleksandra COFTA-BRONIEWSKA, Amber in the material culture of the communities of the region of Kuiavia during the Roman period
Eleonora TABACZYNSKA, A thousand years of amber-craft in Gdansk
Aleksandra GRUSZCZYNSKA, Amber-workers of the fourth and fifth centuries AD from Swilcza near Rzeszow
Eleonora TABACZYNSKA, Amber as a subject of archaeological research: the experiences of Polish-Italian collaboration
Nuccia NEGRONICATACCHIO, Alessandra MASSARI, Barbara RAPOSSO & Barbara SETTI, Amberweb: a project for an Internet centre on amber artefacts — the logical structure of the data-bank and the implementation of new data in the archaeological sector
Adam JEZIERSKI, Michai SACHANBINSKI, Franciszek CZECHOWSKI & Jan CHOJCAN, Investigations into amber from deposits in Poland using electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and positron annihilation spectroscopy (PASCA)
Alexander M. SHEDRINSKY, Ester MUCHAWSKY-SCHNAPPER, Zeev AIZENSHTAT & Norbert S. BAER, Application of analytical pyrolysis to the examination of amber objects from the ethnographic collections of the Israel Museum
Gennadij S. KHARIN, Gas inclusions in Baltic amber
Norbert VAVRA, Fossil resins from Austria: biomarkers detected in rosthornite (Eocene, Carinthia), koflachite (Miocene, Styria) and a resin from the Lower Cretaceous of Salzburg
Gtinter KRUMBIEGEL, Beckerit aus dem Tagebau Goitsche bei Bitterfeld (Sachsen-Anhalt, Deutschland)
Alicja M. ZOBEL, Cedarite and other fossil resins in Canada
Gunter KRUMBIEGEE, Brigitte KRUMBIEGEL & Barbara KOSMOWSKA-CERANOWICZ, Reste der Bernsteinsammlung Otto Helm im Nachlass von Heinrich Wienhaus
Joanna DANKOWSKA, Peasant gold — Amber jewellery in folk culture
Zoia KOSTIASHOVA, The production of jewellery, artistic and fancy goods at the Kaliningrad Amber Factory (1945-1996)
Piotr SZACKI, Sicilian amber
Wieslaw GIERLOWSKI, Gdansk's amber-workers, workshops and the management of amber resources in the twentieth century
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