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Journal of Ancient Civilizations, Volume 20

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Journal of Ancient Civilizations, Volume 20, 2005, IHAC 2005

Wu YUHONG: Food and Drink for the King, Queen, Officials and Ancestors in the House of the Lady in Girsu
TURGUT YIGIT: A Note on the Administrative System of the Old Hittite Kingdom.
MARIE-FRANCOISE BESNIER: Quelques remarques sur les paysages de Sumer
OLIVER WEHR: "Helen of Argos" and "Argeioi" in the Iliad
HtiLYABOYANA: The City of Nicomedeia and the Goddess Demeter
HERBERT A. STORCK: Ganibatum & Gnbtyw
PETER BEYLAGE: Elliptische Identifikationssatze als Bildungselement agyptischer Eulogien und Hymnen
M. A. and Ph. D. Dissertations 2005, IHAC, NENU, Changchun
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