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Journal of Ancient Civilizations, Volume 22

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Journal of Ancient Civilizations, Volume 22, 2007, IHAC 2007

TOHRU OZAKI, Six Sumerian Cuneiform Texts in Japan.
TOHRU OZAKI, Regarding the Name of the Month 'iti ezem a dara/ in Ur III Texts
RICHARD J DUMBRILL, Babylonian Theonumerics and Scale Systems.
LEON CRICKMORE, A New Hypothesis for the Construction and Tuning of Babylonian Musical Scales
Wu YUHONG, Etymology of Akkadian Month of Ayyaru and Sumerian
WU YUHONG, The Sun the Lion: Earliest Hymn to the Sun from Ebla and Abu-Salabikh (2600 - 2500)
ADAM MARSHALL,   Horace and the Life of Leisure: A Commentary on Sermones 2.6.1-76
OLIVER WEHR, Eine Anspielung auf die Aeneas-Sage in Horaz Epode 16 ?