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Kings and Pilgrims, St Raphael Church II at Banganarti, mid-eleventh to mid-eighteenth century

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ISBN: 978-83-7543-371-5
Description: paperback, 374 pp. (29,5x21 cm), figs.
Condition: new
Weight: 1650g.

Bogdan Zurawski, Nubia V, Kings and Pilgrims, St Raphael Church II at Banganarti, mid-eleventh to mid-eighteenth century, Banganarti 2, with appendices by A. Lajtar, K. Piasecki, M. Laptas, M. Wozniak, M. Osypinska, A. Cedro, Wydawnictwo Neriton, IKSiO PAN, Warsaw 2015

I    Archaeological exploration of the Upper Church at Banganarti
II   Historical background. A sketch of Middle Nile history from the mid-eleventh to mid-eighteenth centuries   
III The enclosure in short
IV St Raphael of Banganarti. Ritual and architectural adaptation
V   The Raphaelion's holy and unholy spaces. A detailed description of the Upper Church
1. List of the Upper Church murals
2. The eastern suite of chapels
- Chapel 1
- Chapel 2
- Chapel 3
- Chapel 4
- Chapel 5
- Chapel 6
- Chapel 7
3. The northern suite of rooms
- Room 8
- Room 9
- Room 10
4. The western suite of rooms and spaces
- Space 11 (northern entrance vestibule)
- Space 12 (northern staircase)
- Space 13 (northern staircase vestibule)
- Room 14
- Room 15
- Room 16
- Space 17 (southern staircase vestibule)
- Space 18 (southern staircase)
- Space 19 (southern entrance vestibule)
5. Southern suite of rooms
- Room 20
- Room 21
- Room 22
6. Subsidiary rooms and spaces behind the eastern chapels
- Room 23
- Room 24
- Space 25 (connector between Room 24 and Chapel 26)
- Chapel 26
7. Northern portico (Spaces 27-31)
8. Western portico (Spaces 32-38)  
9. Southern portico (Spaces 39-43)
10. The nave (Space 44)
VI. Was incubation practiced in the Upper Church?
VII. Images of authority vs the authority of images. Makurian political theology and royal iconography
VIII. Conclusions
1. Archangel Raphael in inscriptions from the Upper Church at Banganarti (by Adam Lajtar)
2. Anthropological analysis of human remains from Tomb 1 & 2 below the Upper Church at Banganarti (by Karol Piasecki)
3. The holy protectors of the Nubian rulers and symbolism of numbers in the Upper Church in Banganarti (by Magdalena Laptas)
4. Historic fauna. Animal representations and faunal remains from the Upper Church (by Marta Osypihska and Bogdan Zurawski)
5. L'apport des portraits de Banganarti a 1'etude du costume et des textiles (by Magdalena Wozniak)
6. Oil lamps in the liturgical and common folk practice. The Upper Church at Banganarti - a case study (by Aneta Cedro)
Bibliographical abbreviations Bibliography
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