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Late Glacial in Central Europe, Culture and Environment

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ISBN: 83-04-02539-6
Description: softcover, 281 pages (24x17), phots., maps, figs.; 400 vols. issued; signed
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Late Glacial in Central Europe, Culture and Environment, ed. by Jan Michal Burdukiewicz and Michal Kobusiewicz, Ossolineum 1987

Beatrice Schmider: Environment and Culture in the Seine Basin during the Late Glacial Period 
Nico Arts, Jos Deeben: On the Northwestern Border of Late Magdalenian Territory: Ecology and Archaeology of Early Late Glacial Band Societies in Northwestern Europe
Dick Stapert, Jan S. Krist: Oldeholtwolde, a Hamburgian Site in the Tjonger Valley (Prov. Friesland, the Netherlands)
Gernot Tromnau: Late Palaeolithic Reindeer-hunting and the use of Boats
Bernhard Gramsch: The Late Palaeolithic in the Area Lying Between the River Oder and the Elbe/Havel
Slavomil Vencl: The Late Palaeolithic in Bohemia
Jiri Svoboda: Present State of the Late Upper Palaeolithic Studies in Moravia
Tadeusz Galinski: An investigation into Palaeolithic Settlement of the Pomeranian Territories
Michal Kobusiewicz, Boleslaw Nowaczyk, Iwona Okuniewska-Nowaczyk: Late Vistulian  Settlement  in  the  Middle  Odra Basin
Jan Michal Burdukiewicz: Late Palaeolithic Settlements in the Kopanica Valley
Krzysztof Brodzikowski, Antonius J. van Loon: Palaeogeographic Development of the Kopanica Valley (Southern Great-Polish Lowland) during the Late Pleistocene and the  Holocene
Stefan Karol Kozlowski: Remarks on the Origins of the Polish Curved Backed Point Assemblages
Boleslaw Ginter, Janusz Krzysztof Kozlowski, Krzysztof Sobczyk: The Late Glacial Environment and Palaeolithic Cultures in the Upper Vistula Basin
Karol Szymczak: Perstunian Culture — the Eastern Equivalent of the Lyngby Culture in the Neman Basin
Romuald Schild: Main Lines, Controversies and Needs of Research on the Terminal Palaeolithic  of the  North  European  Plain
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