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Late Magdalenian Campsite at Krucza Skala Rockshelter

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ISBN: 978-83-231-4736-7
Description: softcover, 176 pages (30x21cm)
Condition: new
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Late Magdalenian Campsite at Krucza Skala Rockshelter, ed. by K. Cyrek, M. Sudol-Procyk, L. Czyzewski, Nicolaus Copernicus University Press, Torun 2022

1. Introduction (K. Cyrek)
2. Stratigraphy of sediments and reconstruction of sedimentary processes at Krucza Skała Rockshelter (M. T. Krajcarz, T. Madeyska)
3. Spatial characteristics of the Krucza Skała Rockshelter (K. Cyrek)
4. Radiocarbon dating and Magdalenian chronology of the settlement at Krucza Skała Rockshelter (K. Cyrek)
5. Archeological remains
5.1. Description of flint artefacts and their location at Krucza Skała Rockshelter (K. Cyrek, M. Sudoł-Procyk)
5.2. Technological analysis of lithic artefacts from Krucza Skała Rockhelter (M. Sudoł-Procyk)
5.3. The results of traseological analysis of flint artefacts found at Krucza Skała Rockshelter (G. Osipowicz)
5.4. Baguette demi-ronde (half-round rod) from Krucza Skała Rockshelter in the light of traseological analyses (J. Orłowska, G. Osipowicz)
5.5. Cultural-chronological analysis of flint artefacts from Krucza Skała Rockhelter (K. Cyrek)
5.6. Correlation of separate cultural levels, chronological phases and assemblages of flint and bone artefacts from Krucza Skała Rockhelter (K. Cyrek)
5.7. The Krucza Skała Rockshelter in late Prehistory and in the Middle Ages (M. Wojenka)
6. Paleozoological remains
6.1. Late Glacial and Early Holocene molluscan succession from Krucza Skała Rockshelter (W. P. Alexandrowicz)
6.2. Vertebrate remains from Krucza Skała Rockshelter (A. Nadachowski, M. Krajcarz, A. Lemanik, G. Lipecki, A. Marciszak, B. Miękina, K. Stefaniak, T. Tomek)
6.3. Skull of the saiga antelope Saiga tatarica (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) from Krucza Skała Rockshelter (U. Ratajczak)
6.4. Molecular species determination of ornamented artefact from Krucza Skała Rockshelter (M. Baca, D. Popović)
7. Paleobotanical remains
7.1. Charcoal analysis from Krucza Skała Rockshelter – an attempt to interpret the first results (A. Noryśkiewicz)
8. Conclusions (K. Cyrek)