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Leadership in Antiquity, Language - Institutions - Representations, Classica Cracoviensia XV

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Description: softcover, 240 pp. (20,5x14,5cm)
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Leadership in Antiquity, Language - Institutions - Representations, ed. by J. Janik, A. Kleczar, Classica Cracoviensia XV (2012), Ksiegarnia Akademicka, Krakow 2012

Bogdan Burliga
Do the Kings Lie? Royal Authority and Historian's Objectivity in Arrian's Anabasis
Agnieszka Fulinska
The Elusive King. In Search of the Portraits of Mithridates VI Eupator
Tomasz Grabowski
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Three Cases in the House of Ptolemy
Joanna Janik
Wisdom behind Power. General Remarks on Isocrates as the Self-made Advisor of the Kings
Maciej Jonca
Provisions for the proconsul. Some remarks on D. in the Kórnik manuscript of Digestum Vetus
Aleksandra Kleczar
The Pagan King before the One God: The Alexander Narrative in Josephus, Antiqutates Iudaicae XI, 8
Joanna Komorowska
Alexander the Aristotelian, teacher of princes: an inquiry into the cultural undercurrents of de fato
Jan Kucharski
Tyrannoi and Tyrants on the tragic stage
Marcin Pawlak
The Statilii of Epidauros
Stanislaw Snieżewski
The sense of games and undeserved suffering Some comments on Book V of Vergil's Aeneid
Anna Tatarkiewicz
Caenis. Augusta in all but name